Swimmers are having great time outdoor and a dip at lido as they celebrate 100th anniversary.

Swimmers are having great time outdoor and a dip at lido as they celebrate 100th anniversary.

Centenary Celebration at Jesus Green Lido

An Idyllic Oasis in Cambridge

On a sunny September afternoon with temperatures nearing 30°C, swimmers at Jesus Green Lido in Cambridge enjoyed a slice of “heaven.” This outdoor pool, celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2023, is a hidden gem nestled between the picturesque River Cam and a lush green space adorned with mature trees.

A Century-Old Retreat

The 100-yard-long (91 meters) pool, which first opened its doors in 1923, offers a serene escape just minutes away from the heart of the prestigious university city of Cambridge. Garden designer Anna Jackson, who visited the pool on this special occasion, described the experience as “magical.” She has been coming to Jesus Green Lido since childhood and finds it incredibly relaxing.

A Slice of Paradise in the Heart of the City

Jackson expressed her amazement at the pool’s location, right in the center of Cambridge, calling it a “complete jewel.” She marveled at the clear blue water glistening in the sunlight and the happiness it brings to everyone present. Even on her visit, she noticed three people passing by with smiles on their faces. She shared her experience with her daughter, who expressed jealousy and a plan to visit together when she returns from Belgium.

A Treasured Tradition

Pelham Wilson, a semi-retired mathematician from Cambridge University, has been visiting Jesus Green Lido for nearly half a century. He described the atmosphere as relaxing and appreciated the ample swimming space the pool offers. He also noted that the weather can affect the water temperature, with rain causing a rapid drop in temperature. Wilson shared an interesting historical tidbit about the pool, mentioning that about five years ago, there were discussions about splitting it into a heated and non-heated section, but that idea was wisely abandoned to preserve the pool’s unique atmosphere.

A Testament to Thoughtful Planning

Rhona Fraser, a 60-year-old singer who recently moved to Cambridge, marveled at the pool’s history and the thoughtfulness of those who created it a century ago. She appreciated the pool’s natural environment, with trees in view, and the joyful and friendly atmosphere it fosters among visitors.

Jesus Green Lido continues to be a cherished retreat, offering respite and a touch of paradise for both longtime residents and newcomers to Cambridge.