Cuban National Alejandro Triana Arrested in Brazil for Alleged Premeditated Murder of NYC Art Gallery Owner Brent Sikkema

Arrest in International Murder Case: Cuban National Suspected in Brutal NYC Art Gallery Owner Slaying Apprehended in Brazil

In a major breakthrough, Brazilian authorities successfully arrested 30-year-old Cuban national Alejandro Triana, a suspect in the shocking murder of renowned New York City art gallery owner Brent Sikkema.

The apprehension took place during a traffic stop on a highway in Uberaba, Minas Gerais, approximately 615 miles away from the Rio de Janeiro townhouse where the tragic killing occurred.

Premeditated Murder Allegations: Stabbing and Fleeing to São Paulo

Triana is accused of fatally stabbing Brent Sikkema, co-owner of the esteemed Sikkema Jenkins & Co. art gallery, during the early hours of a Saturday morning.

Following the alleged murder, Triana fled to São Paulo, where Brazilian police intelligence successfully traced and captured him. It was revealed that Triana had stolen $3,000 from Sikkema after carrying out the multiple stabbings.

Detailed Surveillance and Timeline: Deliberate Planning Unveiled

Investigations by Rio de Janeiro Civil Police pointed to premeditation, with surveillance footage revealing Triana meticulously surveying Sikkema’s residence in the affluent neighborhood of Jardim Botânico.

The detailed timeline indicates Triana’s presence at the scene from 2:30 pm to 3:57 am the next day, with specific moments captured on surveillance cameras, including his entry and exit from the victim’s home.

Victim’s Background and Legacy: NYC Art Gallery Owner Brent Sikkema Remembered

Brent Sikkema, the victim, was a highly regarded figure in the art world. Born in Morrison, Illinois, he graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute and held significant roles, including director of exhibitions at Visual Studies Workshop.

Sikkema founded his New York City art gallery, initially known as Wooster Gardens in Soho, in 1991. The gallery later moved to Chelsea in 1999, solidifying his legacy in the art community.

The prominent art gallery owner’s tragic demise has left behind a grieving family, including his husband and 12-year-old son.

As authorities proceed with the legal process, the shocking case continues to unfold, shedding light on the disturbing details of a crime that has reverberated through the international art scene.

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