Supermodel Lais Ribeiro Shares Exclusive Beauty and Wellness Insights with FEMAIL, Unveiling Her Secret Regimens for Radiant Health and Glowing Beauty

Supermodel Lais Ribeiro Shares Exclusive Beauty and Wellness Insights with FEMAIL, Unveiling Her Secret Regimens for Radiant Health and Glowing Beauty

Stunning supermodel Lais Ribeiro, known for her appearances on magazine covers and runways, opens up about the meticulous self-care routines that underpin her radiant looks and confident demeanor. In an exclusive interview with FEMAIL, Ribeiro, hailing from Miguel Alves, State of Piauí, Brazil, offers a glimpse into her wellness, beauty, workout, and mindfulness practices, essential for maintaining the physique and mindset of a Victoria’s Secret Angel.

Stepping into Ribeiro’s Wellness World

Ribeiro’s journey into modeling began in 2009, leading her to collaborations with renowned designers like Givenchy and Dolce & Gabbana. Since becoming a Victoria’s Secret Angel in 2015, she has solidified her status as a fashion icon. Delving into her beauty and wellness secrets, Ribeiro shares her tried-and-tested practices for achieving a balanced lifestyle.

The Power of Sauna and Cold Plunge

One of Ribeiro’s favored post-workout rituals involves alternating between sauna sessions and cold plunges, renowned for their rejuvenating effects. The combination not only aids in muscle recovery but also enhances mood and circulation. Despite initial apprehensions about the frigid temperatures, Ribeiro credits her partner, former NBA player Joakim Noah, for introducing her to this invigorating routine.

Unlocking the Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage

For Ribeiro, lymphatic drainage massages are a non-negotiable aspect of her wellness regimen. She highlights the expertise of Los Angeles-based masseuse Flávia Lanini, emphasizing the immediate visible difference in her body post-treatment. These massages, targeting swelling and inflammation, contribute to Ribeiro’s overall well-being and radiance.

Balanced Workout Regimens

Maintaining a balanced workout routine is paramount for Ribeiro, whether at home or while traveling. She incorporates weightlifting, yoga, and the SotoMethod, a unique cardio-sculpting workout, into her fitness regimen. Embracing versatility in her exercises ensures that Ribeiro stays committed to her health goals regardless of her location.

Small Swaps for Big Results

Ribeiro’s journey towards holistic well-being involves making subtle lifestyle changes, such as opting for a silk pillowcase to prevent hair loss and swapping coffee for green juice. These adjustments, coupled with dietary modifications, have significantly enhanced her overall health and vitality.

Morning Rituals and Mindfulness Practices

Upon waking up, Ribeiro prioritizes setting daily goals, skincare routines, and maintaining proper hydration. She emphasizes the importance of mindfulness by engaging in meditation and reiki, stressing the need to disconnect from technology to foster mental clarity.

Embracing Brazilian Heritage in Beauty Care

Ribeiro’s skincare regimen is deeply rooted in her Brazilian heritage, utilizing products from NativaSPA, a plant-based brand she has trusted since her youth. Her family’s tradition of incorporating organic ingredients like coconut oil and aloe vera reflects a holistic approach to beauty care passed down through generations.

A Testament to Resilience and Grace

Through her dedication to self-care and mindfulness, Ribeiro embodies resilience and grace, transcending the demands of her modeling career. Her commitment to holistic well-being serves as an inspiration for individuals seeking to cultivate balance and vitality in their lives.

By sharing her wellness journey, Lais Ribeiro invites others to embark on a path of self-discovery and holistic living, where beauty emanates from within. Her story resonates with authenticity and empowerment, reminding us that true beauty is nurtured through self-love and care.

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