Sunak seen as having the “trust factor,” Starmer more relatable in Pre-election Debate

Sunak seen as having the “trust factor,” Starmer more relatable in Pre-election Debate

During tonight’s critical pre-election debate, viewers shared mixed impressions of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer. While Sunak was seen as having the “trust factor,” many found Starmer more relatable. Despite a fierce debate over key issues like the economy, NHS, and migration, public feedback indicated a lack of enthusiasm for both leaders.

Public Perception and Criticism

The debate, the first since the July 4th vote announcement, showed Sunak striving to avoid a projected landslide defeat akin to Tony Blair’s 1997 victory. A recent poll suggested Labour might achieve the largest majority in modern history, further intensifying the stakes.

Viewers criticized both leaders, noting Starmer’s relatability but vague responses on critical issues like taxes and NHS waiting lists. Sunak faced criticism for appearing disconnected from the needs of the poor, with some calling him “spoilt.” A YouGov poll reflected a close contest, with 51% favoring Sunak and 49% backing Starmer.

Individual Reactions

Lawyer Benedict Sharrock-Harris expressed disappointment, describing the debate as filled with soundbites and lacking substance. He felt both leaders failed to connect with the audience, particularly criticizing Sunak’s focus on attacking the opposition.

Cancer patient Denise Clarke shared her frustration with the NHS’s state, supporting junior doctors’ need for a raise. She criticized Sunak for not understanding the struggles of the poor and praised Starmer for his empathy, though she remained skeptical about specific tax policies.

Poll Results and Expert Opinions

A YouGov poll showed a slight edge for Sunak, but public opinion remained divided. Medical professionals like GP Ellie Cannon criticized both leaders for their unclear plans on resolving NHS issues, while business owners like Eldon Davis noted Sunak’s defensive stance.

Debate Highlights

The debate saw both leaders clash on various topics. Sunak warned of potential tax hikes under Starmer, while Starmer highlighted a need for change and practical solutions. The economy, NHS, and national security were major points of contention, with Sunak emphasizing his plans for a secure future and Starmer advocating for a fresh approach.

Key Issues Discussed

  • Economy and Taxes: Sunak accused Starmer of planning significant tax increases, while Starmer called for practical solutions and criticized Sunak’s early election call.
  • NHS and Healthcare: Sunak faced skepticism over his claims of reducing waiting lists, with Starmer pushing for urgent reforms.
  • National Security and Immigration: Sunak defended controversial policies like the Rwanda plan, while Starmer pushed for humane solutions.
  • Climate Change: Both leaders struggled to clearly articulate their positions, leading to audience confusion.

Audience Reactions

The debate’s tone shifted with a question on the Gaza conflict, highlighting differences in the leaders’ foreign policy approaches. Sunak’s proposals, such as reintroducing national service, were met with mixed reactions, while Starmer’s emphasis on empathy resonated with some viewers.

Upcoming Political Events

A series of upcoming debates and events were announced, promising further opportunities for voters to evaluate the leaders and their policies. These include debates on June 7, June 11, and several others throughout June, culminating in a final head-to-head on June 26.


Overall, tonight’s debate showcased a divided public opinion, with neither leader managing to fully impress the audience. The upcoming debates will be crucial for both Sunak and Starmer as they strive to sway undecided voters and solidify their positions ahead of the election.

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