“Scrutiny that comes with fame is ‘horrifying’” Ellesuki waterhouse says on Elle.

“Scrutiny that comes with fame is ‘horrifying’” Ellesuki waterhouse says on Elle.

Suki Waterhouse has candidly revealed her struggles with the pressure to conform to certain standards of appearance and behavior throughout her career, particularly during her early days as a teenage model. She recalled facing an initial pressure to make significant changes to herself, with the implication that being different would hinder her career prospects. This pressure often meant conforming to specific body weight standards, but she didn’t buy into the notion that she had to be extremely thin to succeed.

The model and actress, who is set to receive the Performer award at the ELLE Style Awards 2023, explained that her experiences became more challenging as she gained fame. Her rapid transition from a relatively unknown model to the public eye occurred overnight when, at the age of 21, she was photographed leaving the 2013 Elle Style Awards with Hollywood actor Bradley Cooper, who she dated until 2015.

Reflecting on her journey through fame at a young age, Waterhouse expressed the profound shock and horror she experienced. She emphasized that such experiences aren’t limited to those in the super public eye and acknowledged the levels of projection that people encounter. She also recognized the difficulties women face in navigating a system that places unrealistic expectations on them and emphasized the shared struggle women go through in trying to define their identities.

Waterhouse, currently in a five-year relationship with actor Robert Pattinson, conveyed her belief in the goodness of people and their collective effort to contend with societal pressures, ultimately acknowledging the battle women face in trying to be themselves within this challenging system.

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