Putin Faces Unexpected Encounter with Digital Twin During Press Conference

Putin Faces Unexpected Encounter with Digital Twin During Press Conference

Caught Off Guard at Year-End Press Conference

In an unexpected turn of events during his lengthy end-of-year press conference, Russian President Vladimir Putin found himself caught off guard.

The incident occurred when he glanced at the big screen, anticipating a call from a Russian citizen, only to be confronted by a digital twin.

A student from Saint Petersburg State University had ingeniously crafted a ‘deepfake’ visual and audio likeness of the Russian President, seizing the opportunity to pose a question about the dangers of artificial intelligence (AI).

Unusual Question and Putin’s Response

The digital double humorously inquired, “Vladimir Vladimirovich, hello… I want to ask – is it true you have a lot of twins?” This unexpected query elicited laughter from the audience in Moscow.

The student continued, probing Putin about his views on the risks posed by artificial intelligence and neural networks. Putin, usually composed, exhibited a rare moment of hesitation as he observed the digital representation on the screen.

Eventually, he retorted, “I see you may resemble me and speak with my voice. But I have thought about it and decided that only one person must be like me and speak with my voice… and that will be me!” Putin added with a smirk, “By the way – this is my first double,” playfully dispelling any rumors of doppelgangers.

Light-hearted Moment Amid Serious Discussions

The exchange with the digital twin injected a lighthearted moment into an otherwise serious press conference.

Putin addressed a range of significant topics, including the Russia-Ukraine and Israel-Hamas conflicts, relations with the West and China, Russia’s economic policy, and various domestic issues.

Despite the levity of the encounter, Putin demonstrated his composure and engaged in serious discussions about pressing geopolitical matters.

Key Points from the Press Conference

Putin, who announced his candidacy for reelection, engaged with both journalists and ordinary citizens who phoned in questions.

He affirmed Moscow’s goals in Ukraine, emphasizing “de-Nazification, de-militarization, and a neutral status” for the country. Regarding Western support for Ukraine, Putin expressed irritation, stating that attempts to normalize relations had been hindered.

He also touched on Russia’s relationship with China, lauding the cooperation between him and Chinese President Xi Jinping.


Putin’s interaction with his digital likeness became a standout moment, highlighting the blend of technology and political discourse.

The press conference, a carefully orchestrated event aimed at a domestic audience, allowed Putin to address diverse issues and reinforce his authority ahead of the upcoming election.

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