Strictly Champ Kelvin Fletcher and Wife Liz’s Relationship Rollercoaster

Early Relationship Hiccups

Before becoming the Strictly Come Dancing champion and a loving family man, Kelvin Fletcher’s relationship with his wife, Liz Marsland, had its fair share of challenges.

The couple’s journey together began in 2009, but it was not without its ups and downs.

A Rocky Start

Their story took an unexpected turn just a year into their romance, in 2010. During that time, Liz decided to end their relationship due to her growing jealousy of the attention Kelvin was receiving from fans.

Fans bombarded the Emmerdale legend with messages and photos, creating a strain on their relationship.

Jealousy and Its Toll

Liz had always been envious of the attention Kelvin received from admirers. Wherever he went, he was frequently approached by fans wanting autographs. This constant attention took a toll on their relationship.

A friend of the couple revealed, “Liz has always been jealous of the attention Kelvin receives. He is always getting stopped by girls wanting his autograph when he’s on nights out.”

Temporary Separation

In the midst of Liz’s jealousy and the strain it caused, she decided to temporarily end their relationship. However, this separation turned out to be a brief blip in their journey together.

Fortunately, the couple managed to reconcile and rebuild their love.

Kelvin’s Lighthearted Approach

Kelvin has also been open about Liz’s jealousy, sharing that he would jokingly tell her about the on-screen kisses he had to perform. This lighthearted approach helped them navigate the challenges that came with Kelvin’s career.

He once mentioned, “I do ring her up and say, ‘I’m kissing so-and-so today’ and make a joke about it. That’s how we deal with it.

But Liz won’t watch the show because she gets too jealous. To me, though, it’s just work.”

Happily Ever After

Despite the rocky start, Kelvin and Liz’s love endured. They eventually tied the knot in 2015 and went on to build a beautiful life together.

Their journey is documented on their ITV show, “Fletcher’s Family Farm,” where they share their life on a Peak District farm.

From Acting to Farming

Kelvin, who played the role of farmer Andy Sugden on Emmerdale for over two decades, now finds himself living the life he once portrayed on screen.

He humorously acknowledged the irony, stating, “People make an obvious connection to Emmerdale. So you play a farmer all those years, then you become one.

Life imitating art. But I was an actor. I had zero farming knowledge.”

The story of Kelvin Fletcher and Liz Marsland is a testament to love’s resilience and the ability to overcome challenges, ultimately leading to a loving family and a fulfilling life.

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