Strategic Investment of €2M to Fuels HEPHAISTOS’ Advancements in Oncology Treatment

Co-Leadership by xista science ventures and Foundation Fournier-Majoie:

In a significant development, HEPHAISTOS, under the leadership of CEO Frederic Caroff, has successfully secured a strategic investment co-led by xista science ventures and the Foundation Fournier-Majoie, with participation from Noshaq.

This investment is poised to propel HEPHAISTOS toward achieving crucial milestones in its mission to revolutionize oncology treatment.

Utilization of Funds for GMP Transfer and Clinical Advancements

HEPHAISTOS plans to allocate the funds from this investment to support the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) transfer, a critical aspect of its operational framework.

The primary focus will be on advancing its lead candidate, ONCO-Boost, through the necessary phases leading to clinical development.

ONCO-Boost holds immense promise for addressing the unmet medical needs associated with solid tumors, particularly in the case of sarcoma.

Industrialization of Manufacturing Process and Clinical Preparation

With a strategic infusion of funds, HEPHAISTOS is strategically positioned to industrialize its manufacturing process.

This pivotal step will not only enhance operational efficiency but also lay the groundwork for the upcoming clinical phases.

The ultimate goal is to propel ONCO-Boost into clinical development, marking a significant stride in the battle against solid tumors.

Establishment of Subsidiary in Liège, Wallonia

A noteworthy component of HEPHAISTOS’ expansion strategy involves the establishment of a new subsidiary in Liège, Wallonia.

This move is designed to leverage the region’s state-of-the-art facilities and tap into local expertise.

The subsidiary will serve as a hub for exploring additional applications and fortifying HEPHAISTOS’ pipeline, aligning with the company’s commitment to pioneering advancements in oncology.

Advancing ONCO-Boost for High Unmet Medical Needs

The clinical development of ONCO-Boost holds particular significance, given its potential to address high unmet medical needs associated with solid tumors.

The infusion of funds from this financing round not only propels the lead candidate forward but also underscores the commitment of investors to supporting groundbreaking advancements in oncology treatment.

Strategic Objectives and Future Prospects

As HEPHAISTOS embarks on this strategic journey, guided by the infusion of funds and strategic partnerships, the company is poised to make significant contributions to the field of oncology.

The industrialization of its manufacturing process, coupled with the establishment of a subsidiary, positions HEPHAISTOS for sustained growth and impactful innovations in cancer treatment.


HEPHAISTOS’ successful financing round, co-led by prominent entities in the field, is a testament to the confidence placed in the company’s vision and leadership.

The strategic allocation of funds toward GMP transfer, clinical advancements, and regional expansion sets the stage for HEPHAISTOS to emerge as a key player in advancing oncology solutions, with ONCO-Boost leading the way in addressing critical medical needs associated with solid tumors.