Steve Bannon’s Ambitious Plans for Political ‘Gladiator Schools’ Emerge Amid Legal Victory in Italy

In a strategic move that aligns with his vision for shaping the future of right-wing political movements, former Trump White House advisor Steve Bannon is set to establish ‘gladiator schools’ in the United States.

This bold initiative aims to prepare right-wing enthusiasts for the rigorous landscape of political combat.

Bannon, known for his influential role in steering Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, revealed these plans following a legal triumph related to a similar endeavor in Italy.

Legal Victory in Italy and Bannon’s Gladiator School Aspirations

Bannon’s ally, Benjamin Harnwell, emerged victorious in an Italian court battle, paving the way for the establishment of a European political ‘gladiator school’ within the 13th century Trisulti Charterhouse, an ancient Carthusian monastery located in the region of Lazio.

Despite facing legal hurdles, Harnwell, a former British Conservative European Parliament aide and a devoted follower of Bannon, secured the lease for this historic facility.

In response to prevailing against what he termed ‘Deep State’ opposition, Bannon not only celebrated the legal victory but also hinted at plans to replicate this effort within the United States.

This revelation comes at a significant juncture, with former President Donald Trump effectively securing the Republican presidential nomination.

The Academy for the Judeo-Christian West: A Modern Gladiator School

Bannon disclosed the creation of the ‘Academy for the Judeo-Christian West,’ which he described as a contemporary gladiator school designed for political warfare in the Information Age.

Positioned as the headquarters in Rome, this academy plans to extend its reach throughout the United States, Western Europe, and potentially beyond, encompassing individuals from Asia and India.

Bannon outlined the academy’s mission, emphasizing its focus on teaching participants to become force multipliers, combatants, and both gladiators and legionnaires.

Strategic Curriculum and Bannon’s Martial Rhetoric

The curriculum of this ambitious academy is expected to include teachings on ‘Cultural Marxism’ and ‘The Church as an Early Business Enterprise.’

Bannon’s martial rhetoric was evident as he spoke about the academy’s purpose, emphasizing the transformation of individuals into activists by stripping away worldly influences.

The overarching goal, as stated by the leaseholder, the Dignitatis Humanae Institute (DHI), is to ‘protect and promote human dignity’ based on the belief that humans are created in the image and likeness of God.

Controversies Surrounding the Italian Effort and Legal Battles

The Italian endeavor faced vehement opposition, with protests, media criticism, eviction, and a protracted court battle lasting nearly five years.

State prosecutors in Italy sought to block the project, alleging a fraudulent lease and accusing Harnwell of delinquent rent payments. The legal resolution in favor of Harnwell cleared him of these charges, signaling a continuation of the project despite the hurdles.

Impact and Opposition in Europe

The effort to establish a right-wing political lab in an ancient Italian facility faced criticism from activists who opposed the prospect of disseminating Trump-style figures across Europe.

The controversy included allegations of a forged letter used to guarantee the lease, although Harnwell, buoyed by the recent court ruling, considers it a complete exoneration.

The Broader Landscape of Populist Movements

As Europe witnessed the rise of populist and nationalist movements in Spain, Germany, Italy, and Scandinavia during the years of this court battle, Bannon’s vision for ‘gladiator schools’ takes on added significance.

The strategic alignment with Harnwell and the legal victory in Italy further solidify Bannon’s influence in shaping the trajectory of right-wing political ideologies, both in Europe and potentially on a global scale.

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