Sunak’s Immigrant Stance Takes Center Stage

Controversial Embrace in Rome

Upon returning from a conference in Rome, Chancellor Rishi Sunak faces speculation about his wife’s reaction to images capturing him in a passionate embrace and exchanging kisses with Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.

The two leaders first connected in April, bonding over shared admiration for Margaret Thatcher and common concerns, particularly on illegal immigration.

Meloni and Sunak: Allies on Immigration

Despite Meloni’s party, Brothers of Italy, being criticized for its ‘fascist roots,’ Sunak sees her as a pragmatic and effective center-Right politician. Both leaders share concerns about illegal immigration, a particularly hot topic in Italy, with Meloni proposing to process migrants in Albania before returning them to Italy or deporting them.

Political Implications and EU Disapproval

Sunak’s alignment with Meloni’s views on immigration, especially given the EU’s historic disdain for British Tory leaders, could have political ramifications. Ursula von der Leyen and President Macron may be displeased with this apparent alliance.

Sunak’s Strong Stance on Immigration

In his recent appearance in Italy, Sunak spoke boldly on immigration, echoing sentiments akin to Suella Braverman’s ‘hurricane of mass migration.’ He suggested a need to ‘amend post-war frameworks around asylum,’ hinting at potential changes to international agreements.

Navigating the Immigration Challenge

Sunak aims to create a clear distinction between the Tories and Labour on immigration issues, capitalizing on a perceived lack of persuasive policies from Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour Party. Despite record immigration levels under the current government, Sunak hopes to build trust by presenting a robust stance on immigration control.

Government Measures and Legal Immigration

The government recently announced measures to address legal immigration concerns, aiming to reduce last year’s highest-ever net immigration figure. Critics question whether these measures are sufficient, as legal immigration remains considerably high post-Brexit.

Illegal Immigration Challenges

Illegal immigration poses a significant challenge for Sunak’s strategy, especially given the government’s pledge to curb small boat crossings. The Rwanda Bill, designed to address this issue, faces uncertainties in becoming law and potential legal challenges, raising doubts about the effectiveness of Sunak’s promises.

Risk of Inaction and Public Perception

Sunak’s efforts to address immigration concerns may be undermined if perceived as mere talk without tangible actions. The worry is that, even if the Rwanda Bill passes, the impact on reducing illegal migration may be marginal.

The Need for Tangible Results

While Sunak may have enjoyed praise and support in Rome, delivering on promises to reduce both legal and illegal immigration will be crucial for winning the trust of British voters. The risk lies in potential delays or legal obstacles that could hinder the implementation of proposed measures, potentially leading to public skepticism.

Conclusion: Delivering on Promises

Regardless of the warm reception in Rome, Sunak’s success will depend on translating rhetoric into effective policies and actions that resonate with the concerns of British voters, particularly on the challenging issue of immigration.

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