Stephen Fry talks about ‘instant connection’ with the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky

Stephen Fry’s Diplomatic Mission in Ukraine: A Meeting with President Zelensky

Invitation and Arrival in Kyiv

Renowned British actor and broadcaster Stephen Fry, aged 66, was extended an invitation to host a mental health summit in Kyiv, Ukraine, a gesture he deemed a “great honor.” The summit was conceived by the First Lady of Ukraine and took place in the capital city. Following this engagement, Fry had the distinct privilege of meeting with President Zelensky at his Presidential Offices.

Warm Encounter with President Zelensky

Fry, who opted for a sleeper car journey from the Polish border to Kyiv, shared a heartwarming photograph on his Instagram account, capturing a moment of laughter shared with President Zelensky during their meeting. In the caption, Fry expressed his enthusiasm about the encounter, highlighting the instant connection he felt with the President. He also acknowledged the significant responsibilities borne by President Zelensky, emphasizing the monumental workload he shoulders.

Fry and Zelensky’s Exchange

In addition to the photograph, Fry posted a video capturing the first moments of their meeting at the Ukrainian headquarters. In the video, Fry greets President Zelensky warmly, and the President expresses gratitude for Fry’s role as the host of the mental health summit, noting the positive reception it received. Fry responds by praising the event’s success and its brilliant concept.

A Thoughtful Gift and Well-Wishes

During their meeting, President Zelensky presented Fry with a thoughtful gift—a “map of the country” and a tote bag adorned with Ukraine’s national colors. The President hoped that these items would prove useful to Fry. Fry graciously accepted the gift, expressing his gratitude, and extended his wishes for the President’s success. Before departing, he also uttered the phrase “Slava Ukraine,” meaning “glory to Ukraine.”

An Unexpected Experience: Seeking Shelter

Fry’s visit to Ukraine included an unexpected turn of events when he and others were rushed into an air raid shelter. Approximately an hour later, an announcement declared, “Your attention please, there are explosions in the city; stay in your shelter.” Fry recounted this experience on his Instagram account.

Acknowledging Ukraine’s Approach to Mental Health

Fry commended Ukraine for its progressive stance on mental health challenges arising from conflict. He emphasized that Ukraine’s openness and care for its people in addressing these challenges showcased strength rather than weakness. He also reflected on the contrasting approach taken by Ukraine’s adversaries, underscoring the significance of empathy and support for mental health in times of war.

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