STARSEEDS, Mission and Manifestation Project Launched by Siddha Cosmic Enlightenment International

STARSEEDS, Mission and Manifestation Project Launched by Siddha Cosmic Enlightenment International

In a recent event collaborated by MWCC (Malaysia World Chamber of Commerce) at EQ Hotel, Kuala Lumpur witnessed the launch of “STARSEEDS”.

An exclusive mission and manifestation project undertaking by Siddha Cosmic Enlightenment International, STARSEEDS aims to create world leaders and stars, across the Globe to enhance the stream of Happiness, Peace, Harmony, Health and Love of the People -a Grand Mission on Planet Earth.

STARSEEDS LaunchThe event witnessed the presence of many prominent personalities of Malaysia, including H.


Toh Puan Noor Suzanna, Royalty Member of Kedah Sultanate; and Charg dAffaires Her Excellency Mdm Maram Anwar Jaafar Alsaleh from Embassy of Kingdom of Bahrain in Malaysia; and special guest Datuk Suseela Menon, current Chair Person of MAICSA (Malaysian Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators) and former Executive Director of UMW Corporation; Datuk Syed Mustaffa Shahabuddin, Founder of Tanarimba; Dato Amrit Kaur, General Treasurer in MIC (Malaysian Indian Congress); YBhg Puan Usha Nandhini, Sg.

Buloh Parliamentary Coordinator and former Senator; Datin Jeanette Tambakau, the Founder of Jari Jari SPA and the former President of AMSPA (Association of Malaysian SPAs) and SWEPA (Sabah Women Entrepreneurs Professional Association); Dato Mohana Krishnan, the Founder of MIE (Malaysian Indian Entrepreneurs) and successful entrepreneur and mentor; Dato Subra Suppiah from Glen Group of Companies; Dato Mohd Nizam Bin Idris from Input Strategy Sdn Bhd; Datin Junaidah Mohamed from ACCI (ASEAN Chamber of Commerce and Industries); Dato Saravanan Subramaniam and Dato Selvam Krishnan from KLPICC (Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya Indian Chamber of Commerce); Dato Beatrice Nirmala, CEO of IBR Asia Group; Dato Ho Fong Lee, President of Malaysia China Ho Chamber of Global Commerce, CEO of Terra Firma Sdn Bhd; and several other prominent business leaders from various sectors.

During the event, the Founder of STARSEEDS, Dr.

Palakkal, a Cosmic R&D scientist, shared his vision to create Cosmic Conscious Leaders to embrace cosmic energy to manifest their personal, business, and financial goals in life whilst living in happiness.

He also stressed upon the fact as to how imperative it is to align oneself to the new world of consciousness which is aligned with the earth’s consciousness and live in peace, harmony and happiness whilst being successful in life.


Palakkal stressed upon, in the Modern World, Cosmic Consciousness is possible for human beings to embrace, experience and thrive in their daily life.

The people who embrace it early could manifest their desires into reality and have a magical life.

Cosmic Consciousness is nothing but the essence of life force that makes one active and attracts the creative force to live in abundance.

It makes one move, like petrol for the car, oil for the engine, etc.

Its what leads to the evolution of the human mind, the one who has it in abundance lives life as if the world belongs to oneself.

Stepping into the cosmic world is easy and simple, it is a simple process where one should avoid picking up unnecessary stuff in their life.

One should be selective in their life and should not be a victim of information overload.

When we focus on ourselves and be aware, our intuitive mind will lead us to all kinds of awareness.

Using cosmic consciousness theory, one can raise their existence from a normal human being to a superhuman being and vice versa.


Palakkal also pointed out that Cosmic Consciousness should be one of the key indicators for Nations and their leaders to strive towards.

The National Administrative leaders, whilst governing their people must create a healthy and happy life for their people as its birthright for every human being.

The countries that focus on GDP and other conventional key indexes must realize building monuments and creating superpower substances to protect their power and influence has made people follow a rigid and conventional system.

It’s important at the present situation to focus on the human-based system and revitalize humanity, making all those brains vibrate positively and heal their heart with real thoughts of Love & Happiness and provide a comfortable living.

Overloading of the brain deactivates human potential and creative nature and such state results in unhealthy deficit-based competition amongst people to strive for material possession and living for tomorrow must be avoided.

In the beginning, one may not be well-tuned with the mind as their mind is mostly tuned for tomorrows living.

One should focus on happiness-based living.

“If a human is unable to raise themselves to a higher dimension, then it’s advisable to seek the guidance of an expert cosmic guide or wire puller just as how we consult a doctor when we are unable to identify our body ailment and seek external help for healing.

At STARSEEDS, we help one to be a Creative LEADER/STAR.

It requires immense rewiring and retuning of the brain to achieve the required result,” quoted Dr.


Her Excellency Mdm Maram Anwar Jaafar Alsaleh concurred with Dr.

Palakkal, the need to live in harmony whilst pursuing material success and raising oneself to a higher vibration to lead a happy and healthy life.

Datuk Suseela Menon, Chairperson of MAICSA and former Executive Director of UMW Corporation, said that Cosmic Consciousness, like the Law of Attraction, has been much talked about in the world.

It is relevant and can be helpful for people caught up in the hectic modern world.

Concluding the event all participants at the event agreed and acknowledged that Cosmic Consciousness is necessary for daily life to achieve harmony and happiness in life whilst pursuing material success.

About STARSEEDSSTARSEEDS is an Exclusive Mission, a Manifestation Project Undertaking by Siddha Cosmic Enlightenment International around the world aiming to Create World Leaders & Stars, across the Globe to enhance Stream of Happiness, Peace, Harmony, Health & Love for the People, a Real Grand Mission on the Planet Earth.

​The Mission of Creating World Leaders & Stars is empowered by Transcending Universal Energy from Higher Dimension in to 3D.

​We welcome all, who has a thriving passion, love towards human and a burning desire to be a Best Leader, to be a Best Star, to be the Best in World in their Expertise.

We Steer them to Manifest their Dream in this Beautiful World.

For more information, kindly visit: www.



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