Spanish FA Chief Apologizes for Controversial Embrace and Gesture

Spanish FA Chief Apologizes for Controversial Embrace and Gesture


Spanish Football Association (FA) president, Luis Rubiales, has issued an apology after facing criticism for his actions during the Women’s World Cup final victory celebration.

The controversy arose when Rubiales kissed player Jenni Hermoso on the lips without her consent after the match.

Rubiales addressed the situation in a video statement, acknowledging his mistake and expressing regret for the unwanted embrace.

He emphasized the positive achievements of the Spanish team but also acknowledged the need for greater caution in his behavior as the head of an important institution.

Rubiales’ Explanation and Apology

Rubiales explained that the incident occurred in a moment of excitement and spontaneity, without any malicious intent.


He emphasized his positive relationship with female players and expressed his remorse for any upset caused by the incident.

He also admitted that while the Spanish FA initially didn’t consider the incident to be significant, he understood that it had garnered attention outside the organization.

Rubiales extended his apology to those who were affected by his actions and indicated his intention to learn from the experience.

Controversy Surrounding Rubiales’ Actions

The incident involving Rubiales’ unwanted kiss on Jenni Hermoso’s lips sparked outrage and calls for his resignation.

Spain’s acting Equality Minister Irene Montero accused Rubiales of committing “sexual violence.”


Rubiales initially dismissed the incident as a friendly gesture, but Hermoso later revealed that she hadn’t liked the kiss.

Furthermore, footage emerged of Rubiales making an obscene gesture by grabbing his crotch during the celebrations alongside Spain’s Queen Letizia and her daughter.

Calls for Resignation

Prominent figures in Spanish politics and sports called for Rubiales’ resignation following the controversial incidents.

Anna Caula, General Secretary of Sport for the regional Catalan government, described the kiss as a “harsh aggression” and emphasized the need for equitable treatment in football.

Various politicians and members of Spanish parties criticized Rubiales’ behavior as sexist and demanded his resignation.


The controversy surrounding his actions prompted intense debate about gender equality in sports and appropriate behavior for high-ranking officials.


The controversy surrounding Spanish FA president Luis Rubiales’ unwanted kiss and controversial gesture has sparked discussions about gender equality and appropriate conduct in sports.

Rubiales’ public apology and acknowledgment of his mistake are seen as steps toward addressing the issue and promoting respectful behavior within the sports community.

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