Divergent Voices Among Spanish Bishops Regarding Vatican’s Blessings Declaration

Divergent Voices Among Spanish Bishops Regarding Vatican’s Blessings Declaration

Spanish Bishops Express Varied Opinions on Vatican’s Blessings Directive

In response to the recent Vatican document addressing the pastoral significance of blessings, Spanish bishops have shared a spectrum of opinions on its implications.

Notably, Bishop José Ignacio Munilla of Orihuela-Alicante anticipates chaotic outcomes despite affirming the document’s lack of heresies.

Bishop Munilla’s Cautionary Stance

Bishop Munilla is cautious about the application of the Vatican document, describing it as lacking in heretical content but foreseeing potential chaos in its implementation.

He specifically addresses requests for blessings from couples in irregular situations, proposing consultations with the vicar general until a more defined praxis or diocesan guidelines emerge.

Bishop Gómez Cantero’s Supportive View

On the contrary, Bishop Antonio Gómez Cantero of Almería defends the Vatican’s declaration as “very precise.” He urges a comprehensive reading of the entire document before forming opinions.

Notably, Bishop Cantero reveals that he has previously blessed homosexual couples, reflecting a more accepting stance.

Archbishop Sanz’s Critique

Archbishop Jesús Sanz of Oviedo takes a critical view, branding Fiducia Supplicans as “demagogy” that distorts Christian tradition and the Church’s magisterium.

This marks a consistent opposition to the document, with Archbishop Sanz expressing his disapproval on multiple occasions, including social media.

Broader Ecclesiastical Landscape in Spain

The Spanish bishops’ responses underscore the diversity of opinions within the Church regarding the Vatican’s blessings directive.

While some bishops express concerns about potential chaos and emphasize the need for consultations, others embrace the precision of the document and share instances of past blessings for homosexual couples.

Archbishop Sanz’s persistent critique reflects a broader dissenting voice against what he perceives as a departure from Christian tradition.


The discourse among Spanish bishops reveals the complex dynamics surrounding the Vatican’s recent directive on blessings.

As the Church leaders grapple with varied perspectives, the potential impact on pastoral practices and the Church’s stance on issues like blessings for homosexual couples remains uncertain.

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