South African police rescue 86 passengers from bus trapped in floodwater

This happened around 03:00 on Saturday morning.

“Members of SAPS Diving Unit were activated Sergeant Carel Gagiano, assisted by Constable Patrick Tsiane of Allanridge Police Station, who managed to rescue 86 passengers, including men, women, and children,” Thakeng said.

He said luckily, no injuries were reported.
Thakeng added that the driver of the bus would face a charge of Reckless and Negligent driving.

“Motorists are sternly warned not to underestimate the power of the water as we are experiencing heavy rains. The road between Allanridge and Bothaville is flooded. Motorists must not take any chances to cross.

According to Thakeng more vehicles were trapped on the R30 on Saturday morning, including a Range Rover, truck and a sedan.
The District Commissioner of Lejweleputswa, Maj Gen Lerato Molale, applauded the two SAPS members, Sergeant Gagiano and Constable Ntsiane, for their patriotism by ensuring that all passengers were rescued. We continue to protect and serve no matter the circumstances.
Safety tips to keep in mind:

  • The best thing you can do to protect yourself and your car when there’s a flood is to follow this advice: Turn sround. If you come upon a roadway that appears to be flooded, DON’T try to drive through it.
  • If you come across barricades blocking off a flooded section of the road, DON’T try to drive around them. Turn around and find a detour. It’s closed for a reason. Don’t destroy your car or risk your life due to impatience.
  • Avoid flooded areas.
  • Before heading out for a drive, make sure to check the weather for the possibility of any flash floods, heavy rain, highway and road flooding or storms. If you see any warning for these conditions, be sure to do some investigation to find out what routes you can take to avoid driving through floods and dangerous areas.

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