South Africa petrol price predicted to rise by more than R1.20-per-litre

South Africa petrol price predicted to rise by more than R1.20-per-litre

According to current forecasts, Grade 93 petroleum will rise by R1.23, while Grade 95 will rise by R1.24. R1.31p/l also causes paraffin to rise.
East Cape Fuels is the Eastern Cape’s Engen Sales and Distribution firm.
They clearly know their stuff when it comes to this profession, and the group issued a warning earlier this week, publishing a comprehensive prognosis online.

Why are fuel costs STILL rising in South Africa?

The sickening petrol price forecasts are likely to push millions of road users in South Africa to breaking point.
Record fuel costs have been nothing short of a piss-take in recent months, and the threat of further punishment for consumers won’t go down well with an already-gatvol public.
Unless urgent intervention is announced during the Budget Speech next week, South Africans based inland will have to fork out more than R21-per-litre for their petrol, if these current figures hold true.
A struggling Rand and the continuing surge of oil prices – exacerbated by the Russia-Ukraine conflict – has deepened this crisis further.

Petrol price for March 2022: Here’s what it will cost to fill-up

That would pulverise the existing highest-ever petrol price, breaking one of the most unwanted records in the country. According to the East Cape Fuel predictions, this is what motorists will be expected to pay in March 2022.
(Values reflect per-litre prices for each fuel)


  • Petrol 93: R21.12
  • Petrol 95: R21.38
  • Diesel wholesale: R19.41


  • Petrol 93: R20.60
  • Petrol 95: R20.66
  • Diesel wholesale: R18.79