Son Pays Tribute to Father Gunned Down in Road Rage Shooting

Family Tragedy in Portland

A heartbroken son is speaking out after his father, Ryan Martin, tragically lost his life in a road rage shooting in Portland.

The 47-year-old father of four was killed during a shocking incident involving Geoffrey E. Hammond. Martin’s grieving family remembers him as a hardworking, loving man, and their loss is deeply felt.

Fatal Road Rage Incident

The incident unfolded when Martin, unarmed, left his vehicle to confront Hammond during a road rage dispute.

Hammond unexpectedly brandished a firearm, shooting Martin and subsequently opening fire on bystanders in broad daylight in Rose City, Portland.

Son’s Tribute to His Father

Ryan Martin’s eldest son, Taylor, shared his heartfelt tribute on Facebook, expressing the profound pain he and his family are experiencing.

Taylor remembered his father as an incredible man and an enduring source of inspiration.

Legal Action and GoFundMe

The family has established a GoFundMe page to assist with funeral expenses, as they come to terms with their devastating loss.

The legal authorities are taking action against Hammond, who is accused of the fatal shooting. The incident has left the family, along with the community, in shock and mourning.

Witness Account of the Tragedy

Samuel Gomez, a passerby at the scene, captured a photograph of Hammond pointing the firearm after fatally wounding Ryan Martin.

The situation escalated when Hammond and Martin engaged in a road-rage confrontation, resulting in violence.

City’s Record of Homicides

The city of Portland has been grappling with a surge in homicides, with a record high of 101 murders in 2022. Despite efforts to address the issue, the city remains a challenging environment.

Martin’s tragic killing stands out as a shocking break from the norm, occurring during a road rage dispute.

Legal Proceedings and Hammond’s Background

Geoffrey E. Hammond, the alleged shooter, has been charged with multiple offenses, including second-degree murder and second-degree attempted murder.

His background reveals a history of legal issues and financial struggles, providing a glimpse into his circumstances leading up to the incident.

Safety Concerns in Portland

The city’s ongoing challenges with open drug dealing and drug use on the streets have raised concerns for public safety, impacting the visitor industry.

The incident involving Ryan Martin adds to the city’s troubling record of violence, highlighting the need for continued efforts to address the issue.

Conference Warning

The National Organization of Minority Architects, recognizing the safety concerns in Portland, advised conference attendees to exercise caution and avoid walking around the city.

The fatal road rage incident has shaken the community, leaving the family to cope with the profound loss of a beloved father.