Friend’s Perspective: Jessica Amafe Breaks Silence on Israel DMW’s Marital Woes

Friend’s Perspective: Jessica Amafe Breaks Silence on Israel DMW’s Marital Woes

Marital Discord Unveiled: Jessica Amafe Criticizes Israel DMW’s Estranged Wife

In the midst of the ongoing marital drama involving Davido’s aide, Israel DMW, and his wife Sheila, a friend named Jessica Amafe takes to social media to express her perspective, revealing insights into the troubled union.

Troubled Waters: Sheila Accused of Disturbing Israel’s Peace

Jessica Amafe pulls no punches as she drags Sheila, Israel DMW’s estranged wife, blaming her for disrupting the peace that Israel once enjoyed.

According to Jessica, Israel’s serenity vanished after marrying Sheila, marking a stark contrast to the tranquility he experienced before their union.

Refuting Claims: Sheila’s Alleged Pressure into Marriage

Addressing Sheila’s claim of being pressured into marriage, Jessica vehemently refutes the notion. She points out that Sheila was aware of Israel DMW’s lifestyle and job nature, asserting that if she disapproved, she had the option to reject his proposal.

The friend suggests that some women, even those labeled as “road girls,” might be more compatible and understanding than those projecting moral perfection.

Supporting Israel: A Friend’s Loyalty Shines Through

In a show of loyalty, Jessica defends Israel DMW, highlighting his positive qualities despite acknowledging his flaws. She emphasizes that he did his best and expresses understanding for his need to vent his emotions publicly amid the marital turbulence.

Jessica Amafe’s Words:

“Israel is my friend, he is a very down-to-earth and loyal person. He may have his flaws, no doubt, but he did his best! I know Israel and know some things that happened.”

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