Soludo and Ezeokenwa visit Obiano in court, discuss Anambra’s future

Governor Charles Soludo’s Visit to Former Governor Willie Obiano Amid Fraud Allegations

The governor of Anambra State, Charles Soludo, made a notable visit to his predecessor, Willie Obiano, who recently faced court charges related to fraud allegations amounting to N4 billion during his tenure.

Allegations and Legal Proceedings:

Obiano’s trial, which unfolded on Wednesday, revolves around accusations of financial misconduct during his time as governor.

As a consequence of the legal proceedings, his passport was confiscated, adding a layer of severity to the situation.

Governor Soludo’s Visit:

In a move that garnered attention, Governor Soludo visited Obiano in Abuja on Thursday.

The purpose of the visit was not only to show solidarity but also to engage in what Soludo described as a “useful discussion” with the embattled former governor.

Details of Discussion Withheld:

Despite the significance of the meeting, Governor Soludo chose not to divulge the specifics of their conversation.

The nature of the discussion remains undisclosed, leaving the public curious about the content and implications.

Soludo’s Message of Support:

Expressing optimism and extending well-wishes, Governor Soludo prayed for divine intervention, hoping that God’s grace would guide Obiano through his current challenges.

The governor conveyed this sentiment during the visit and later shared it on his verified Facebook page.

Accompanied by APGA National Chairman:

During the visit, Governor Soludo was accompanied by the National Chairman of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), Sly Ezeokenwa.

This collaboration suggests a unified front within the political party during a period of scrutiny for one of its prominent members.

Governor Soludo’s visit to Willie Obiano stands as a significant event, bringing together past and present leaders amidst a legal battle.

The undisclosed discussion, prayers for overcoming challenges, and political solidarity underscore the complex dynamics at play in Anambra State.

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