62.3% of Global Population Engaged, Meta’s Facebook Leads With 2.19 Billion Users

62.3% of Global Population Engaged, Meta’s Facebook Leads With 2.19 Billion Users

Global Social Media Users Exceed 5 Billion:

A recently published study revealed a substantial surge in the number of active social media users, surpassing 5 billion individuals, representing approximately 62.3% of the world’s population.

The findings, disclosed by media monitoring company Meltwater and social media agency We are Social, underline the pervasive influence of digital platforms on a global scale.

Outpacing Population Growth:

In the dynamic digital landscape, the growth of active social media users recorded a remarkable 5.6% increase in the past year.

This surge notably outpaced the overall population growth, which registered a modest 0.9% uptick during the same period.

The report, drawing on figures compiled by digital consultancy company Kepios, sheds light on the accelerating engagement with online platforms.

Meta Platforms Dominate:

Leading the charge among social media platforms is Meta’s Facebook, boasting a staggering 2.19 billion users.

The dominance of Meta platforms continues with Instagram securing the second spot, hosting 1.65 billion users.

TikTok closely trails with an impressive user base of 1.56 billion, reflecting the diverse landscape of social media preferences.

Challenges in Precision Due to Automation:

Despite the significant growth, the report issues a cautionary note regarding the precision of these numbers.

The prevalence of automated accounts and individuals adopting multiple identities makes it challenging to ascertain accurate statistics.

The evolving nature of the digital sphere introduces complexities in tracking and verifying user data.

Wikipedia Searches Reflect Rising Interest in AI:

In a notable revelation, the most searched entry on Wikipedia was “ChatGPT,” highlighting the escalating curiosity around artificial intelligence.

Developed by OpenAI, ChatGPT represents an influential language model, signifying the expanding interest and inquiries into the realm of AI technologies.

Insights Derived from Kepios Data:

The comprehensive report draws on figures compiled by digital consultancy company Kepios, providing insights into the evolving landscape of global social media usage.

With the world becoming increasingly interconnected through digital platforms, these statistics underscore the profound impact of social media on shaping communication, information dissemination, and societal interactions.


As social media continues to be a driving force in the way individuals connect and share information globally, the study’s findings offer a comprehensive glimpse into the scale and dynamics of this digital phenomenon.

The report, offering a nuanced understanding of user trends, sets the stage for further exploration into the evolving landscape of online engagement and its implications for societies worldwide.

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