TV Expert on Trial: The Sausage Roll and Chips Row That Ended in a Headbutt

TV Expert on Trial: The Sausage Roll and Chips Row That Ended in a Headbutt

TV Expert Accused of Headbutting Pub Manager in Covid Meal Dispute:

A courtroom in Kingston-upon-Thames Crown Court heard the case of Joel Young, a social media TV expert known for his work on hit shows like The Voice and Sunday Brunch.

Young, aged 47, allegedly headbutted a pub manager, Skyla Bryant, during a dispute concerning the definition of a ‘substantial meal’ in the context of Covid restrictions.

A Fiery Covid Meal Dispute:

The incident unfolded at The Leather Bottle pub on Garrett Lane, Tooting, while they were adhering to Covid regulations stipulating that alcohol could only be served with a full meal.

Young, a resident of Colindale in Barnet who has also worked for ITN, Channel Four News, and First Dates Hotel, has entered a plea of not guilty to the charges of assault and causing actual bodily harm, stemming from the alleged altercation on December 5, 2020.

A Heated Exchange at the Pub:

The confrontation began when Young and a friend ordered what they believed to be a substantial meal, consisting of a basic sausage roll and fries, potentially accompanied by a scotch egg.

Bryant, the deputy manager, took issue with their interpretation of a substantial meal and encouraged them to place an additional order, adhering to the rules.

This request led to escalating tensions as Young vehemently disagreed with the guidelines, exclaiming, “This is f***ing ridiculous; this is a substantial meal,” all while using profanities.

The incident reached its climax when Young downed the remainder of his pint and declared, “Bye then.”

In response, Bryant bid him farewell, and as Young turned to leave, he suddenly headbutted Bryant in the face, specifically on the bridge of the nose, using the top of his forehead.

This action prompted the legal proceedings that have unfolded in the Kingston-upon-Thames Crown Court.

Prosecution and Defense Narratives:

Prosecutor Mr. Francis Gaskin presented the case to the jury, emphasizing that the incident occurred during a period of Covid restrictions, particularly Tier Two limitations, which necessitated patrons to order a substantial meal to be served alcohol.

Gaskin explained that Young and his friend had visited The Leather Bottle, placing orders for both drinks and food, including a sausage roll and chips.

Upon reviewing the food order, the deputy manager, Mr. Bryant, asserted that it did not meet the criteria for a substantial meal and advised the customers to either leave or order additional food.

This decision allegedly incensed Young, leading to his decision to depart from the establishment.

However, as both men stood near the door, Young allegedly headbutted Bryant, causing injury.

The prosecution maintains that Young’s actions were entirely unnecessary, uncalled for, unlawful, and unprovoked. In contrast, the defense’s position is that Young believed he was about to be attacked by Bryant and employed what he considered lawful force to defend himself.

As a result of the altercation, Bryant sustained injuries, including a cut to his eyebrow, redness and damage to his nose, and a fracture in his nose.

Additionally, it was revealed that Bryant had previously experienced an incident resulting in damage to his nose.

Nevertheless, the defense argues that nothing in Bryant’s behavior suggested that he was going to assault anyone.

During cross-examination by Young’s lawyer, Will Hanson, Bryant denied being the aggressor, countering suggestions that he appeared intimidating by following Young as he left and that he displayed anger or acted aggressively.

Bryant refuted claims that he repeatedly shouted “Get off the premises” and that he had confronted Young with clenched fists, asserting his innocence.

The trial continues as the legal process unfolds to determine the resolution of this unusual case.

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