Former Suspect in Stephen Lawrence Murder Allegedly Boasted of Previous Killings


In a startling revelation, the sixth suspect in the racially motivated murder of Stephen Lawrence has been accused of attempting to stab a security guard and boasting about having killed before.

This unsettling disclosure sheds new light on the unresolved case, which has seen only two of the perpetrators brought to justice.

Background: Stephen Lawrence’s Tragic Murder

Stephen Lawrence, an aspiring architect, tragically lost his life in an unprovoked racist attack by a gang of individuals in Eltham, south-east London, in April 1993.

The case remained unsolved for years, and justice was only served when two of his killers, Gary Dobson and David Norris, were jailed for life in 2012.

Matthew White: The Sixth Suspect

In June, the Metropolitan Police identified Matthew White as the sixth suspect in Stephen Lawrence’s murder.

However, a recent revelation has raised questions about White’s alleged involvement in the crime.

Bethel Ikpeze’s Harrowing Account

Bethel Ikpeze, a security officer, shared his harrowing encounter with Matthew White. In 2015, while working at Lidl in Eltham, south-east London, Mr. Ikpeze confronted White for attempting to shoplift.

White’s response was laced with profanity and racist slurs, escalating to a violent attempt to stab Mr. Ikpeze with a bloody needle. Despite the terrifying attack, Mr. Ikpeze managed to restrain White until the police arrived.

Chilling Claims

During the altercation, White made alarming claims to Mr. Ikpeze, including statements such as “I will kill you,” “I’ve done it before,” and references to a previous incident involving someone named “Stephen.” Mr. Ikpeze was deeply disturbed by White’s repeated assertions of having killed before and how it had gone without consequences.

Police Response and Missed Opportunities

Although Mr. Ikpeze reported the exchange to the police, the uniformed officers promised to run a check. Surprisingly, he was never interviewed by detectives who were actively investigating Stephen Lawrence’s murder.

White was subsequently jailed for four months but faced no charges related to the attempted harm or racial abuse he inflicted on Mr. Ikpeze.

Matthew White’s Troubling History

While in prison, White reportedly confessed to another inmate that he had a role in Stephen Lawrence’s murder.

Astonishingly, Scotland Yard treated White as a witness rather than a potential attacker in the case. His stepfather, Jack Severs, revealed that he had informed the police about White’s presence at the scene of Stephen’s murder shortly after the incident.

Longstanding Issues with the Investigation

The investigation into Stephen Lawrence’s murder faced numerous challenges, including allegations of racism and corruption. A report on the case deemed the Metropolitan Police to be “institutionally racist.”

Dame Doreen Lawrence’s Response

Dame Doreen Lawrence, Stephen’s mother, expressed her frustration at the latest revelation, criticizing the Met’s handling of the case.

She emphasized the need for accountability within the police force and the justice system.

Metropolitan Police’s Response

In response to the revelation, the Metropolitan Police expressed regret if the incident involving Matthew White and racial abuse was not adequately investigated. They acknowledged their commitment to taking all reports of racial abuse seriously.

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