Sisters Separated by Time and Distance: A Reunion Facilitated by DNA Testing after Six Decades

Sisters Separated by Time and Distance: A Reunion Facilitated by DNA Testing after Six Decades

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The story about to unfold is a testament to how technological advancements in DNA testing have transformed lives.


In this case, it led to the reuniting of two sisters after over six decades of not knowing about each other’s existence.

This remarkable occurrence demonstrates the power of curiosity and technology in rewriting one’s personal narrative, revealing hidden links and filling the gaps in their life stories.

Surprising DNA Test Connects Long-Lost Sisters

Two siblings, Julie Mamo, 66, and Julie Ansell, 64, commonly referred to within the family as “Julie 1” and “Julie 2”, lived unaware of their shared lineage until their nephew, Jason Fisher, embarked on a quest to uncover his ethnic roots.


This journey began when he decided to take a DNA test last year, leading to an unexpected discovery that would unite the Julies after more than six decades.

Julie Mamo joined Julie Ansell in the UK to meet the family. From left, niece Jess Fisher, Julie Mamo, Julie Ansell, brother Ted Fisher and nephew Jason Fisher (

The Unknown Past

Their mother, Lillian Fisher, was only 17 years old, single and under societal pressure when she gave birth to Julie Mamo in Dover in 1956.

She had no choice but to relinquish her newborn daughter for adoption.

Consequently, Julie Mamo was adopted when she was just nine days old and later relocated to Australia with her new family.

Lillian later gave birth to four more children, naming the eldest Julie, now residing in St Margaret’s Bay, Kent.


The Hidden Secret Unveiled

Julie Ansell revealed that her mother had confessed to giving up a baby for adoption when she was younger.

This revelation, however, did not make much of an impression on her then 12-year-old self.

As years passed, she never gave much thought to the sister she had never met.

Despite the surprising turn of events, both sisters feel that they fit into each other’s lives seamlessly, like missing puzzle pieces finally found.

The Magic of DNA Testing

Their reunion came about thanks to Jason’s decision to do a DNA test on the genealogy site,


The results showed that he had two sisters with around a 70% DNA match, and Julie Mamo, who was a stranger to him then, appeared as the most substantial match of over 90%.

Determined to unravel this mystery, Jason reached out to Julie Mamo’s daughter, Louise, on Facebook.

The Long-Lost Sisters Finally Meet

Once the connection was established, Julie Ansell wasted no time in flying to Australia to meet her long-lost sister.

They were surprised by how much they had in common, from peculiar childhood habits to shared hobbies.

This initial meeting sparked a larger reunion in the UK, where Julie Mamo met the rest of her biological family, and even her wider adopted family based in Kent, whom she hadn’t seen for 45 years.


Moving Forward

Jason expressed his delight in helping to reunite the sisters, marveling at how Julie Mamo integrated smoothly into their lives.

The hardest part for Julie Mamo now is contemplating her return to Australia, leaving behind a newfound family.

Despite the upcoming departure, the sisters are already planning their next meeting in Bali and considering additional DNA tests to further explore their shared heritage, believing that “anything is possible”.

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