Sir Tom Jones Defies Ban, Vows to Keep Singing “Delilah” Despite Controversy

Sir Tom Jones Defies Ban, Vows to Keep Singing “Delilah” Despite Controversy

…By for TDPel Media. Legendary Welsh singer Sir Tom Jones has firmly committed to continuing his performances of the hit song “Delilah,” despite the Welsh Rugby Union’s (WRU) decision to officially ban choirs from singing the song at the Principality Stadium.


The 1968 hit, which depicts a jealous man murdering his female partner, has faced controversy and debates about its place in modern society.

However, during his second gig at Cardiff Castle, Sir Tom made it clear that he would sing the song for as long as he possibly could.

A Ban on “Delilah” at the Principality Stadium:

In February of this year, the Welsh Rugby Union announced its decision to ban choirs from singing “Delilah” at the Principality Stadium.


The song had been removed from the choir’s playlist in 2015 due to its controversial subject matter.

The decision aimed to address concerns about the song’s portrayal of violence against women and its potential to upset some supporters.

Sir Tom Jones’ Defiance:

During his second Cardiff Castle gig this month, Sir Tom Jones referred to the WRU’s ban on “Delilah.”

He expressed his commitment to performing the song, much to the delight of the crowd.

After the performance, he proudly declared that he would continue to sing “Delilah” for as long as he could, making it clear that no ban could deter him from performing one of his most beloved hits.


The Crowd’s Response:

While the majority of the crowd supported Sir Tom’s defiance, there were mixed reactions.

After he referenced the WRU’s decision, some members of the crowd booed, likely expressing their disapproval of the ban.

However, for many, the song holds sentimental value and cultural significance, transcending its controversial themes.

“Delilah” in Modern Society:

“Delilah,” recorded by Sir Tom in 1968, enjoyed significant success, reaching No. 2 on the charts and becoming a Welsh favorite, particularly among rugby fans.

However, in recent years, the song’s place in modern society has been a topic of debate.


Some argue that the lyrics perpetuate harmful stereotypes and glorify violence against women, while others maintain that it is a cherished cultural artifact.


Sir Tom Jones, a beloved Welsh singing legend, remains unyielding in his commitment to perform “Delilah” despite the ban imposed by the WRU.

The controversy surrounding the song’s subject matter reflects the ongoing discussions about art, culture, and social responsibility.

As the debate continues, Sir Tom continues to captivate audiences with his timeless performances, embracing his iconic status as one of Wales’ most celebrated musical treasures.


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