Glitter Attack on Sir Keir Starmer at Labour Party Conference: The Apology and Fallout


A man named Yaz Ashmawi recently made headlines for pouring glitter over Sir Keir Starmer just before the Labour leader’s speech at the Labour Party conference in Liverpool.

In a podcast interview, Ashmawi admits that his actions “crossed the line” and expresses his regret for making Sir Keir feel unsafe.

The Apology and Responsibility:

Speaking on the Politics Uncensored podcast on Fubar Radio, Ashmawi took responsibility for his actions and apologized to Sir Keir.

He emphasized that the thought of the Labour leader feeling endangered for even a moment was distressing to him.

Ashmawi’s glittering act, in his view, was acceptable, but he acknowledges that it was the physical contact that went too far.

Arrest and Police Inquiries:

Merseyside Police arrested a 28-year-old man from Surrey, believed to be Yaz Ashmawi, on suspicion of assault, breach of the peace, and causing public nuisance following the glitter incident.

As of the latest update, he has been bailed pending further inquiries.

Ashmawi was detained for 22 hours after his arrest.

Advocating for Democracy:

Yaz Ashmawi is associated with a group called People Demand Democracy, which calls for political system reform.

The group seeks an “upgraded form of democracy” and appears to support a more proportional electoral system.

The Glitter Incident and Protest:

During the incident, Ashmawi shouted slogans like “true democracy is citizen-led,” “politics needs an update,” “we demand a people’s house,” “we are in crisis,” and “our whole future is in jeopardy.”

He was subsequently restrained as he continued to voice his views. Ashmawi described how he climbed onto the stage and touched Sir Keir, acknowledging that politicians often receive death threats and need to feel safe.

Sir Keir’s Response:

Sir Keir Starmer reacted by pushing the activist away from the microphone and addressing the incident before continuing his speech.

He underlined that the incident would not deter him from delivering his message and highlighted the changes he has brought to the Labour Party.

Security Concerns Raised:

In the aftermath of the incident, questions have arisen regarding the level of security in place for Sir Keir Starmer, who could potentially become the next prime minister.

The incident has prompted discussions about ensuring the safety of political leaders.


The glitter incident at the Labour Party conference has raised important questions about security, political protest, and personal boundaries.

Yaz Ashmawi’s apology and admission of responsibility shed light on the motivations behind his actions.

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