Iheme Nancy Clashes with Yul Edochie Over Marital Allegations

Yul Edochie’s Accusations Unveiled

Nollywood actor Yul Edochie made startling claims on Instagram regarding his first wife, May.

He accused her of undergoing cosmetic surgeries without his consent, sparking frustration over her alleged secrecy.

Yul’s Frustration and Pledge

Expressing deep frustration, Yul criticized May’s behavior on social media, portraying him negatively while living a concealed life.

He vowed to take a stand in 2024, highlighting his efforts to protect her reputation despite feeling attacked.

Nancy Challenges Yul’s Concerns

Actress Iheme Nancy intervened, questioning the significance of Yul’s distress over May’s surgeries.

She highlighted May’s history of childbirth and accused Yul of marrying a second wife without May’s approval, calling his actions manipulative.

Nancy’s Advice and Criticism

Nancy urged Yul to finalize the divorce and criticized his suffering, attributing it to his wife’s silence. She emphasized that May’s surgeries shouldn’t be a cause for concern and advised Yul to move forward with the divorce proceedings.

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