Short Guide on How to Choose the Best Sales Courses for Your Team

Short Guide on How to Choose the Best Sales Courses for Your Team

Sales training is an essential part of any successful business. Yet, knowing which program is the best fit can be challenging. There are a flood of options to choose from, plus your own unique set of needs and goals to consider. Here’s a short guide on how to choose the best sales courses.

Consider your team’s experience and skill level

Courses that feature overly advanced concepts can overwhelm inexperienced reps. Similarly, basic strategies and techniques may not challenge experienced reps. So, when selecting programs, be mindful of your rep’s current experience and skill level. 

Think about the types of selling your business does 

There are different selling approaches for B2B and B2C. For example, B2B sales involve complex decision-making processes. B2C requires a more direct interpersonal, in-the-moment approach. 

Each type of selling requires its own unique set of skills. So, pick courses that address the kind of selling your team does. That way, they’ll be able to learn and apply the techniques most relevant to your customer base. 

Align training with business objectives

Training is most effective when it’s aligned with your business objectives. That’s because your sales force gets to use what they’ve learned to make an immediate impact. 

So, when selecting courses in sales, think about how the material will help your team reach its goals. For example, if an international expansion is on the books, target programs that teach cross-cultural selling strategies.

Prioritize eLearning solutions

A study by Harvard Business School found that eLearning solutions can reduce training time by up to 60% on average. This means reps can get up to speed faster and start selling sooner. 

So, ensure the programs you pick offer virtual components like webinars, videos, and simulations. 

Assess customization abilities 

Custom programs can be pricey but can significantly improve learning outcomes. Research by the Corporate Executive Board found that customized programs are tied to a 33% higher sales performance than generic ones. So, consider assessing the provider’s customization options before making your final selection.

These are just some of the steps you can take to select the best training courses for your sales team.