Disturbing Video Captures “One Chance” Criminals Pushing Man Out of Moving Car in Abuja

A Terrifying Encounter in Abuja

A distressing video circulating online has brought to light a harrowing incident in Abuja.

The video captures the troubling moment when a man found himself in a life-threatening situation as “one chance” operators attempted to push him out of a moving car.

Unfortunate Ride with Criminals

The victim had unknowingly boarded a taxi that was already occupied and driven by criminals.

It quickly became evident that the intentions of these individuals were far from benign as they attempted to steal from him during the journey.

A Desperate Struggle for Safety

The video footage portrays the heart-wrenching scene of the man desperately holding on to the open car door while the other occupants forcefully tried to eject him from the moving vehicle, which was traveling at high speed.

Concerned Reactions from Netizens

The video has elicited various reactions from concerned netizens who are familiar with the dangers of “one chance” operators.

Many expressed their prayers and hopes that neither they nor their family members fall victim to such criminal activities.

Reflecting on the Reality of “One Chance”

Some individuals shared personal experiences and stories related to “one chance” encounters in Abuja.

These anecdotes serve as a stark reminder of the prevalence of such crimes and the need for heightened awareness and vigilance.

A Growing Concern for Crime Rates

Commenters also voiced their concerns about the rising crime rates in the country.

The correlation between increasing hardships and the surge in criminal activities was noted, highlighting the urgency of addressing these issues.

Mixed Feelings about the Onlookers

One observation made by netizens was the presence of onlookers who appeared to be recording the incident rather than assisting the victim.

This raised questions about societal priorities and the role of bystanders in times of crisis.

Calls for Improved Transportation

Some individuals suggested that Abuja should reconsider its transportation system, advocating for more registered commercial buses to enhance safety and security for commuters.

Prayers for Safety and Security

Amidst the alarming incident and growing concerns about insecurity, netizens expressed their heartfelt prayers for the safety and protection of themselves and their loved ones in these challenging times.

Watch the Disturbing Video

To witness the harrowing encounter firsthand, the video is available for viewing in the link provided. It serves as a stark reminder of the need for increased vigilance and security measures to combat such criminal activities.

A video online shows the troubling moment a man is seen struggling as once chance operators try to push him out a moving car in Abuja.

The unlucky man had boarded the cab which was occupied and driven by criminals.

Evidently they had tried to steal from him and were seen pushing him out of the car which was moving at top speed.

In the video shared online, a man could be seen struggling to hold on to the open door as other occupants tried to push him out.

One chance.

green_tutorsng said: “I just pray none of us or our family 307 encounter this “one chance” of a thing”

jully_mk said: “One chance is real I pray we don’t fall 203 victims”

officialfaariclothing reacted: “Abuja with once chance na 5 n 6…I was once a victim on airport road in Abuja, they took me to a shrine inside the bush thank God their boss told me to release me and let me go.that was the day I believed in miracle.God wl protect us and our loved ones”

i_am_onyi_empire stated: “Crime is becoming a norms in this country. The more the hardship is the more the rate of crime keeps increasing.”

official_frabjous_empire remarked: “Instead of you to help him you are still recording…what exactly is our problem in this country?????”

mizjades observed: “I feel like Abuja needs to change their 34 transporting system and incorporate more of registered commercial buses. Like I always say if you are not mobile don’t move to Abuja.”

lekanbabatunde1 prayed: “Oh my God! Insecurity has risen. May God continue to protect us”

Watch video below …

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