Shallipopi and Davido Tease Possible Collaboration: Is an ‘Ex Convict’ Remix in the Works?

Shallipopi and Davido Tease Possible Collaboration: Is an ‘Ex Convict’ Remix in the Works?


The anticipation in the music world is palpable as Shallipopi and Davido drop tantalizing hints about a potential collaboration.

Shallipopi’s name has been on the tip of everyone’s tongue, particularly following the massive success of his chart-topping track, “Ex Convict.”

This single swiftly followed the triumph of “Elon Musk,” further solidifying Shallipopi’s presence in the music industry.

His debut EP, “Planet Pluto,” also made waves, marking his undeniable impact.

Backing from Music Giants

“Elon Musk” and “Ex Convict” not only earned immense popularity but also garnered support from some of the music industry’s heavyweights.


Shallipopi’s list of celebrity endorsements includes luminaries like Wizkid, Alex Iwobi, Burna Boy, and more.

The latest addition to this star-studded list is none other than Davido, also known as OBO.

Davido’s Appearance on “Ex Convict”

Speculation surrounding a collaboration between the two artists was ignited when a video surfaced featuring Shallipopi and Davido in a moving car, shared on the X app (formerly known as Twitter).

The video seems to have been captured from Shallipopi’s Snapchat, with the caption, “Only 1 Baddest,” a clear reference to Davido.

Notably, the background music in the video bears a striking resemblance to the “Ex Convict” track, albeit infused with even more energy.


The Burning Question

This development raises a burning question: Are we on the brink of a remix of “Ex Convict” featuring both Davido and Shallipopi? Or could there be something entirely different in the works?

The buzz around their collaboration began when they were spotted hanging out and cruising through town together, embodying the spirit of city boys enjoying life to the fullest.

Commentary on the Excitement

The music industry is often ignited by unexpected collaborations between artists from different genres or backgrounds.

Shallipopi and Davido’s potential partnership is generating considerable excitement among fans, as it brings together two artists who have made significant waves in their respective careers.

The suspense surrounding the nature of their collaboration only adds to the intrigue.


Music enthusiasts can’t help but wonder what kind of musical magic might emerge from this union.

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