Sexpert Criticizes HBO’s ‘The Idol’ for Shocking and Non-Inclusive Dirty Talk Scenes

Sexpert Criticizes HBO’s ‘The Idol’ for Shocking and Non-Inclusive Dirty Talk Scenes

…By Lola Smith for TDPel Media. A sexpert, Jodie Slee, has expressed concern over the use of explicit language in the HBO show “The Idol,” stating that it is “shocking” and fails to promote inclusivity.


Slee emphasized the importance of obtaining consent before engaging in dirty talk with a partner.

The drama series, featuring Lily Rose Depp and The Weeknd, drew outrage from viewers due to derogatory language and references to suffocation in its sex scenes.

Some viewers described the scenes as “gross” and “nasty.”


Slee believes that sex should be normalized in the media, including diverse forms of sexual expression.

The Need for Consent and Consideration in Dirty Talk

Slee encourages individuals who are interested in exploring dirty talk to communicate with their partners beforehand to ensure consent.

While acknowledging that dirty talk in “The Idol” is explicit, Slee argues that its purpose seems to be solely for shock value.

She criticizes the show for depicting a thin, beautiful woman in a submissive role, highlighting the lack of groundbreaking and sex-positive representation.

Breaking Misconceptions and Embracing Communication

Despite her reservations about the portrayal in “The Idol,” Slee supports consensual dirty talk between adults.


She emphasizes the importance of obtaining consent before spontaneously using explicit language, urging individuals to discuss their desires with their partners.

Slee also challenges the misconception that dirty talk needs to be highly imaginative, stating that simple phrases expressing pleasure or preferences can be just as effective.

She believes that confidence and enthusiasm play a crucial role in arousing one’s partner and normalizing sexual expression.

Prioritizing Open Discussions and Individual Boundaries

Slee encourages couples to have open conversations about the words they are comfortable using during intimate moments.

She highlights the need to establish boundaries and discusses how certain words may trigger negative reactions for some individuals.


While acknowledging that words like “slut” may appeal to those who enjoy humiliation or degradation, Slee advises caution and consent in their usage.

Promoting Sexual Communication for Fulfilling Experiences

Slee advocates for more open discussions about sex before, during, and after intimate encounters.

She criticizes the societal taboo surrounding sexual conversations, noting that even long-term partners may avoid discussing their sexual desires.

Slee believes that talking about sex within the bedroom can significantly enhance everyone’s experiences and empower individuals to take an active role in their sex lives.

She asserts that maturity lies in open dialogue about sex and encourages those interested in exploring dirty talk to pursue it confidently and with consent.


In conclusion, Jodie Slee, a psychosexual therapist, addresses concerns surrounding dirty talk in “The Idol,” emphasizing the importance of consent, inclusivity, and open communication to foster healthy and fulfilling sexual experiences.


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