YouTube Prankster Lizwani Sneaks Onto Bafta Stage During Oppenheimer Cast’s Acceptance Speech

YouTube Prankster Lizwani Sneaks Onto Bafta Stage During Oppenheimer Cast’s Acceptance Speech

The BAFTA Awards took an unexpected turn as a YouTube prankster, known as Lizwani, managed to infiltrate the stage during the cast’s acceptance of the Best Picture award for “Oppenheimer.”

The incident added an element of surprise to the prestigious event, overshadowing the celebratory moment for the cast and crew.

Brazen Stage Intrusion

Lizwani, dressed in a dark suit and black tie, boldly walked onto the stage amid the cast of “Oppenheimer” as they received their Bafta award.

The prankster, with a sly smirk, positioned himself behind producer Emma Thomas during her acceptance speech, creating a moment of disruption that left both the audience and the award recipients bewildered.

Social Media Boast and Police Involvement

Seemingly unapologetic, Lizwani posted a screenshot of the incident on his Instagram account, claiming credit for being on stage with Cillian Murphy.

Allegedly, the police confiscated some of his footage from the awards.

However, the Metropolitan Police stated they were not aware of the incident.

The brazen act sparked concerns about event security and the potential consequences of such disruptions.

Bafta’s Serious Response

Bafta responded promptly, asserting that the prankster was swiftly removed by security.

The organization emphasized the seriousness of the situation and expressed a reluctance to provide further publicity to the individual.

The incident raises questions about the effectiveness of security measures at high-profile events and the need for stringent protocols to prevent unauthorized access.

Prankster’s Track Record

Lizwani, known for his exploits of sneaking into award ceremonies and events, boasts a following of 8,000 subscribers on YouTube and 5,000 followers on TikTok.

His history includes gatecrashing the Brit Awards and the Fifa Ballon d’Or ceremony.

The recurring nature of his stunts highlights potential gaps in security protocols and the challenges event organizers face in deterring determined individuals.

Bafta Ceremony Highlights and Lowlights

The BAFTA ceremony featured notable moments, including David Tennant’s debut as a host, emotional performances, and touching tributes.

However, the intrusion by Lizwani and other cringe-worthy incidents, such as Ted Lasso’s Nick Mohammed’s comedic appearance, added unexpected twists to the evening.

The balance between entertainment and maintaining the integrity of prestigious events remains a challenge.

Triumphs and Controversies of Award Recipients

“Oppenheimer” emerged as the big winner of the night, securing seven awards, including Best Film, Best Director for Christopher Nolan, and Best Actor for Cillian Murphy.

Emma Stone claimed the Best Actress award.

The ceremony witnessed both moments of celebration and uncomfortable interactions, such as a reporter’s probing question about a controversial scene in “Saltburn,” showcasing the unpredictable nature of live events.


While the BAFTA Awards celebrated outstanding achievements in the film industry, the uninvited intrusion by a YouTube prankster underscored the challenges event organizers face in maintaining security and decorum.

The incident serves as a reminder of the delicate balance between creating an entertaining show and ensuring the safety and sanctity of prestigious ceremonies.

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