SeraSeal, A Breakthrough Innovation in Medical Devices in India

Have you wondered how many deaths occur every year because of uncontrolled bleeding Did you know Hemorrhage is the leading cause of death worldwide! Hemorrhages can be in the form of uncontrolled bleeding after an accident, or controlled bleeding, for example during surgery.

Acute bleeding during surgical interventions often results in unforeseen complications.

Imagine the volumes of blood routinely wasted, and the time elapsed in trying to arrest the bleeding! The extended time for the patient’s recovery.

The hospital staff’s time cleaning up and attending to the recovery.

SeraSeal – Worlds First & Only Hemostatic Agent Now in IndiaWhen seconds count, SeraSeal can make the difference between life and death!Swasth Kare launches a revolutionary new innovation from Wortham Laboratories SeraSeal that helps arrest bleeds within seconds, including arterial bleeds.



Leon Wortham, Owner, President and CEO, Wortham Laboratories, Inc.

(Tennessee), USA developed a new concept in hemostasis, which can be applied in all areas to stop bleeding in seconds.

What isSeraSealSeraSeal is a new and innovative hemostatic agent that is designed to stop bleeding on contact, and within seconds for arterial hemorrhages.

It is comprised of agar and bovine factor proteins: II, VII, IX and X and acts as a catalyst in the clot formation process.

This patented single component system can tackle any bleeding situation with the potential to save many lives.

SeraSeal is the World’s only Primary Hemostatic Agent, that stops major hemorrhages in seconds, even in the presence of anticoagulant therapy or factor deficiencies, without the need for any of the traditional applications of pressure, elevation, tourniquets or cauterization.

It is derived from bovine factors and can be applied by a syringe, spray, catheter, foam, trauma dressing, surgical sponge, bandage-strip, or a swab.

Ithas a long shelf life and can be immediately applied on the patient without preparation.

SeraSeal does not create chemical burns, but rather, accelerates healing for the patient.

Ajaypal Singh Randhawa, CEO, Swasth Kare India, who is instrumental in introducing this product for the first time in India says, “A surgeon’s major challenge is stopping bleeds, minimizing blood loss, saving blood and thereby saving lives.

It is a doctor’s dream to reduce blood transfusion, and arrest bleeds within seconds.

This is a revolutionary innovation in the field of medical sciences.

With this product coming into the country, I see a ray of hope in saving millions of lives, increasing patient benefit, thereby bringing relief the overburdened healthcare systems.

“SeraSeal supports the body’s own coagulation process and acts, as a catalyst in the clot formation process, and stops the bleeding within seconds without the application of pressure (venous bleeds: 1-3 seconds; small artery: 5-10 seconds; medium artery: 15-30 seconds; large artery: <60 seconds).

It has the following major advantages over conventional hemostatic agents:SeraSeal is a single component haemostatic agent that requires no preparation time, unlike conventional productsSeraSeal can be effectively used in Liver, Kidney and Heart transplant amongst all other surgical proceduresThere is no limit to age or tissue typeSeraSeal does not obstruct the view of the bleeding site, since its translucent; Surgeons easily see the blood colour transitioning into a cherry redUnlike cauterization it does not damage tissue and has easy topical application.

Cauterization causes the patient to have more anti-inflammatory drugs and pain medication while SeraSeal does notExcellent for highly vascular organsExcellent at the point of anastomosisReduces surgical theatre and ICU timeReduces blood transfusion upto 90 percent in 40 percent of surgical proceduresExcellent for hidden bleedsNo preparation required for patient before applicationNo preparation for the product before useHas multiple delivery mechanisms, can be easily applied on a gauze and applied to the wound, with a spray, syringe etc.

SeraSeal is the world’s 1st and only primary Hemostatic agent, which is CE Licensed and registered in 47+ countries.

It is DCGI approved (Drugs Controller General of India approved product).

DCGI is the Head of Department of the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization of India.

For more details, please visitseraseal.


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