SDP Presidential Candidate Admires Bola Tinubu’s Campaign Strategy, Calls for Political Reform

SDP Presidential Candidate Admires Bola Tinubu’s Campaign Strategy, Calls for Political Reform

...By Joseph Benjamin for TDPel Media.

Prince Adewole Adebayo, the Social Democratic Party (SDP) candidate in the recently concluded 2023 presidential election, has expressed his admiration for the campaign strategy employed by President-elect Bola Tinubu.


Adebayo noted that Tinubu had a strong presence throughout the election, with governors, senators, representatives, and traditional rulers actively supporting his candidacy.

Need for Structural Change in Nigerian Politics

Adebayo expressed concerns about the continued dominance of old politicians and their parties in Nigerian politics.

He emphasized the importance of establishing a coalition or alliance among young and new political structures to challenge and overthrow the existing power dynamics.

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Adebayo believed that such a coalition, backed by popular support, would effectively sideline the old parties and their candidates.

Lack of Collective Strength Among New Entrants

The politician observed that many new political parties and their candidates ran individual campaigns during the election, resulting in a fragmented strength among the young and new entrants.

This fragmentation reduced their collective impact and hindered their ability to challenge the established political order effectively.

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Influence of Placeholder Politicians

Adebayo highlighted the challenges faced when attempting to collaborate with other parties during the 2023 election.

He discovered that some individuals representing these parties were merely placeholders without the power to make independent decisions.

They often operated under the instructions of more influential figures, compromising the potential effectiveness of alliances.

Need for Independent Leaders

Adebayo stressed the importance of having independent leaders who are not beholden to other politicians.

He cited Buhari and Tinubu’s successful coalition as an example, noting that both leaders had their own teams and were not subservient to others.

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However, he cautioned that even those leaders may have their own influential figures guiding their actions.

In summary, Adebayo admired Tinubu’s campaign strategy and called for a structural change in Nigerian politics through the formation of alliances among young and new political structures.

He emphasized the need for independent leaders to challenge the dominance of old politicians and parties.


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