Saw X Unveils Gruesome Eyeball Vacuum Trap: Fans Left Horrified

The Gruesome Trap in Saw X

As the highly anticipated tenth installment of the Saw franchise, “Saw X,” approaches its theater release on September 29, fans of the series were eagerly awaiting the next level of terror. However, their excitement turned to shock when Lionsgate revealed a clip showcasing a particularly gruesome trap that left viewers horrified.

This new trap, referred to as the “eyeball vacuum,” is being hailed as one of the most unsettling creations in the entire franchise.

Description of the Eyeball Vacuum Trap

In the chilling clip, the familiar voice of Jigsaw (played by Tobin Bell) can be heard as he addresses a janitor, who is firmly strapped to a chair with his eyes connected to vacuum tubes.

Jigsaw ominously declares, “I’ve had my eyes on you, and I do not like what I see.”

The victim is told that there is a sickness within him that must be purged.

However, as is typical with Jigsaw’s sadistic games, there is a way out, but it comes at a steep price.

A Twisted Chance for Survival

Jigsaw presents the janitor with a grim choice—he has 60 seconds to operate a machine that will sever all the fingers on his left hand. The agonizing decision forces the victim to take action, resulting in the harrowing spectacle of self-mutilation.

As the victim screams for help and the timer ticks down, the tension and horror of the scene are palpable.

Fan Reactions: Disturbing and Terrifying

The release of this clip sparked immediate reactions from fans on social media platforms. Some praised the disturbing nature of the scene, describing it as “disturbing but good.”

Others expressed their shock and anticipation, stating that they were “so back” for this level of intensity.

However, there were viewers who found the scene “scary” and even felt physically ill watching it.

The eyeball vacuum trap left a lasting impression on many, with some considering it one of the franchise’s most gruesome moments.

Comparisons to Past Traps and Speculations

Longtime fans of the Saw series drew comparisons between the eyeball vacuum trap and other terrifying traps from previous films.

Some noted that it was one of the most horrifying traps they had seen, emphasizing the innovation in the series’ death traps.

However, others, while acknowledging its brutality, considered it relatively manageable compared to past challenges posed by Jigsaw.

Anticipation for Saw X

Despite the mixed reactions to the difficulty of the trap, fans expressed their hope for the entirety of Saw X. They emphasized the simplicity and intensity of the scene and speculated on the potential for a relentlessly terrifying film.

The eyeball vacuum trap, with its horrifying premise, left fans eager to experience the full extent of the terror when the movie hits theaters.

The Mystery Continues: The Unpredictable Nature of Jigsaw

Fans of the Saw series are well aware of Jigsaw’s penchant for surprises and unexpected twists. Many noted that if the preview showcased the trap, it was likely to unfold quite differently in the actual film.

The anticipation for Saw X is heightened by the belief that there are still undisclosed elements that will shock and terrify audiences.

As the release date of Saw X approaches, fans can only speculate about the full extent of the horror that awaits them in this highly anticipated installment.