Sandra Iheuwa Expresses Concern for Chioma Adeleke’s Mental Well-being Amidst Davido Scandal

…By Dorcas Funmi for TDPel Media. Sandra Iheuwa, who is known as the baby mama of Ubi Franklin, has recently expressed her concern about the emotional well-being of Chioma Adeleke, the wife of Davido.


The media has been abuzz with news surrounding Davido and his alleged new baby mama, Anita.

Taking to Instagram, Iheuwa acknowledged that Chioma must be going through a challenging time, considering that her family affairs are now public knowledge.

While Iheuwa claimed not to be interested in Davido and the pregnant woman, her main focus lies on Chioma’s welfare.


Iheuwa’s Worries for Chioma and Words of Encouragement

Despite her indifference towards Davido and the alleged pregnant lady, Sandra Iheuwa expressed genuine concern for Chioma.

She commended the strength demonstrated by the singer’s wife and wished that God would assist her in coping with the pain caused by the scandal.

In a heartfelt message, Iheuwa wrote on Instagram, “I don’t even care about these two.

God is in heaven, I don’t even imagine what Chioma is going through; my heart goes out to her because this thing can be painful.

God will help her go through the pain and come out strong.


I’m rooting for you Chioma.

Strong woman.

May we know them, may we raise them, may we be them.”

Support and Hope for Chioma

Sandra Iheuwa’s concern for Chioma Adeleke’s well-being stems from the belief that the exposure of her family’s affairs can be mentally distressing.

She acknowledged the pain that Chioma might be experiencing and expressed her support for her.


Iheuwa encouraged Chioma to stay strong during this challenging period and expressed her hope that Chioma would emerge from this situation even stronger.

By sharing her thoughts and offering words of encouragement, Iheuwa aimed to let Chioma know that she is not alone and that she has people rooting for her.

The Importance of Emotional Support

In the midst of the Davido-Anita scandal, Sandra Iheuwa’s concern for Chioma highlights the significance of emotional support during difficult times.

She emphasized the need for empathy and understanding towards Chioma’s situation, recognizing the potential pain associated with such public scrutiny.

By reaching out through social media, Iheuwa aimed to provide comfort and strength to Chioma, offering her hope and reminding her that she possesses the resilience to overcome the challenges she faces.



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