San Jose State University Professor Suspended Amid Pro-Palestine Demonstrations

San Jose State University Professor Suspended Amid Pro-Palestine Demonstrations

A professor from San Jose State University has been placed on administrative leave for her involvement in ongoing pro-Palestine demonstrations on campus.

Dr. Sang Kil, who serves as an advisor to student activists, claims that the university is attempting to censor her for supporting the student-led protests against the war in Gaza.

Student Protests and Professor’s Support

With the semester concluded, many students, including those who established a protest encampment, have left for the summer.

These students were protesting the ongoing conflict in Gaza, and their demonstrations included rallies and setting up an encampment on campus.

Despite the semester’s end, the situation remains dynamic, with Dr. Kil stating that she was suspended merely for making a speech in support of the students’ actions.

Allegations and Denials

Dr. Kil has vehemently denied the allegations brought against her by the university. According to emails she shared with KRON4, the university accused her of encouraging students to march through campus and to set up an encampment, which were initially just rallies.

Dr. Kil insists that her speech was solely to support the students’ right to protest and did not violate any university policies.

“It felt like gaslighting to me.

It felt really disingenuous,” Dr. Kil told KRON4. She emphasized that the university has not provided any concrete evidence or facts to substantiate their claims against her.

Suspension Details

Dr. Kil received a letter from San Jose State stating that she is suspended with pay for a maximum of 60 days.

KRON4 reached out to the university for comments, but they declined to speak on personnel matters. Dr. Kil believes that the university’s actions are an attempt to silence her free speech.

“I believe they’re threatened by my free speech,” Kil remarked.

She expressed concerns that the university might extend her suspension to prevent her from interacting with students in the next semester.

Frustrations Over University’s Actions

Dr. Kil also highlighted her frustration with the university’s focus on disciplining her instead of addressing the students’ demands to divest from Israel. “

Children are still dying every single day. It’s like the constitution died at San Jose State for me and it did for my students,” she stated, underscoring the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza as the core of the students’ protests.

University’s Response to Protests

During a recent visit by KRON4 to San Jose State, students were actively protesting and marching.

The university had indicated that it was in the process of determining possible punishments for students who allegedly violated the time, place, and manner policy.

However, there has been no update from the university regarding the decisions made about these potential punishments.

Uncertain Future

As the situation continues to unfold, Dr. Kil’s suspension and the university’s response to the student protests remain critical issues.

The university’s actions have sparked a debate about academic freedom, free speech, and the right to protest on campus.

The outcome of this situation will likely impact not only Dr. Kil and the protesting students but also the broader campus community and its approach to handling political activism and dissent.


The suspension of Dr. Sang Kil from San Jose State University amidst pro-Palestine demonstrations has raised significant concerns about free speech and academic freedom.

Dr. Kil’s denial of the allegations against her and her concerns about the university’s motivations highlight the complex dynamics between faculty, administration, and student activism

As the university remains silent on the specifics of her case and the potential punishments for the protesting students, the future of these protests and their broader implications for the campus community remain uncertain.

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