SAMWU Leader Dismissed for Alleged Involvement in Torching Tshwane Waste Truck

Dismissal Letter for SAMWU Leader

City of Tshwane Manager, John Mettler, has taken action by issuing a letter of dismissal to a leader from the South African Municipal Workers Union (SAMWU).

This move is in response to the leader’s alleged involvement in the recent torching of a waste truck owned by a contractor.

Confirmation by City of Tshwane Mayor

The announcement of the dismissal was made by City of Tshwane Mayor, Cilliers Brink, during a briefing on October 12.

Brink discussed the incident and the evidence that led to the decision to dismiss the SAMWU leader.

Truck Arson Incident

During the briefing, Mayor Brink revealed video evidence that depicts a group of individuals being dropped off on a street.

Subsequently, they attack a waste truck and set it on fire. After the attack, the same vehicle returns to pick them up, and they flee the scene.

This evidence points to coordinated involvement in the incident.

Identification of the SAMWU Official

Mayor Brink emphasized that investigators were able to establish the connection between the attack and the SAMWU official through the vehicle’s make, model, and registration.

The official’s alibi regarding the possession of the vehicle on the day of the attack could not be verified, leading to the City Manager’s decision to issue the letter of dismissal.

Appeal for Safe Working Conditions

Mayor Brink also used this opportunity to call upon SAMWU leadership to reflect on the incident. He stressed the importance of ensuring that their members do not hinder City of Tshwane officials and contractors from carrying out their duties without fear for their safety.

This appeal comes in the wake of previous incidents where municipal workers faced threats and violence while on the job.

Past Incidents and the Need for Safety

In August of this year, a City of Tshwane employee was shot and hijacked after completing his shift.

The municipality reported that a team working in the Water and Sanitation Section was confronted by a group of individuals who intimidated and attempted to stop them from working.

The team continued their service, but upon completing their shift, the team leader was shot and hijacked, requiring immediate medical attention.

These incidents highlight the necessity for a safe working environment for City of Tshwane employees and contractors.

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