Samuel L. Jackson Defends Brie Larson Against Online Abuse: “She’s Stronger Than People Think”

…By Larry John for TDPel Media. Samuel L. Jackson, a prominent Hollywood icon, has stood up against the online abuse directed at his co-star Brie Larson.


Having worked together on films such as Kong: Skull Island and Captain Marvel, Jackson has condemned the vile treatment Larson received from online trolls.

Supporting Larson Through Difficulties:

In 2019, when Larson was cast as the lead character in Captain Marvel, she faced a wave of online abuse.

Years later, Jackson spoke out against the abuse, attributing it to “incel dudes who hate strong women.”


He praised Larson’s strength, emphasizing that she is a much stronger person than people may perceive.

Jackson and Larson developed a close friendship during the filming of Kong: Skull Island, which proved challenging for both of them.

Offering Advice and Encouragement:

Jackson shared the advice he gave Larson in order to help her navigate the overwhelming negativity she experienced.

He urged her not to let the trolls break her spirit and emphasized the importance of her strength.

When Larson was offered the role of Captain Marvel, she sought Jackson’s opinion.


He wholeheartedly encouraged her to accept the opportunity, supporting her decision to become part of the Marvel Universe.

Resilience in the Face of Opposition:

Jackson acknowledged that Larson refuses to allow the online abuse to destroy her.

He pointed out that the trolls who targeted her are individuals who despise strong women or struggle with her feminist views and her expression of opinions.

Despite the criticism and pressures to conform, Larson remains true to herself and her beliefs.

Longstanding Marvel Collaboration:

Having portrayed the character of Nick Fury in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for over a decade, appearing in 13 films, Samuel L. Jackson’s support and admiration for Brie Larson reflect a strong bond formed through their shared experiences within the franchise.



Samuel L. Jackson’s unwavering support for Brie Larson serves as a testament to their friendship and his recognition of her strength in the face of online abuse.

By standing up against trolls and encouraging Larson to embrace her role in the Marvel Universe, Jackson emphasizes the importance of resilience and authenticity.

Their collaboration showcases the power of friendship and solidarity within the entertainment industry.

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