Salman Khan’s Film Screening Turns Fiery: Fans Create Havoc with Fireworks, Igniting Safety Concerns and Legal Action

Movie-goers in Malegaon, Maharashtra, India, experienced a terrifying incident on Sunday when a group of fans set off fireworks inside a cinema during the screening of Bollywood star Salman Khan’s film.

Disturbing footage circulated on social media, capturing the chaotic scene as dozens of people panicked when fireworks were ignited within the theater.

Pyrotechnic Display Amidst Bollywood Excitement

The video suggests that fans were eagerly anticipating Salman Khan’s appearance on the screen before unexpectedly launching pyrotechnics into the air.

The ensuing chaos saw people rushing for the exits in fear as the darkened theater transformed into a spectacle of orange explosions and flying sparks, prompting both screams and cheers in the background.

The film had to be halted due to the unexpected light show.

Salman Khan’s Swift Response

In response to reports of similar incidents in cinemas across India, Salman Khan swiftly condemned the dangerous act on social media.

He urged fans to enjoy the film without jeopardizing their safety and the safety of others.

The Bollywood star’s post emphasized the need to refrain from such reckless behavior during movie screenings.

Legal Action and Police Investigation

The Press Trust of India reported that the Maharashtra Police is investigating the incident and is in the process of registering offenses under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code.

The charges include mischief by fire or explosive substance with the intent to cause damage and an act endangering the life or personal safety of others.

Repeat Offense and Khan’s Previous Warning

This isn’t the first time Salman Khan’s fans have attempted such stunts.

In 2021, after the release of “Antim: The Final Truth,” clips of fans bursting firecrackers inside cinema halls went viral.

Khan had issued a statement back then, urging fans not to bring firecrackers into auditoriums due to the potential fire hazard, emphasizing the importance of safety for both themselves and others.

Salman Khan’s Profile and Industry Impact

Salman Khan, a highly renowned Indian actor, film producer, and television personality, has had a prolific career spanning over three decades.

He is recognized for his contributions to Hindi cinema, receiving accolades such as two National Film Awards as a producer and a Filmfare Award as an actor.

With immense commercial success, he has been featured in Forbes listings of the highest-paid celebrities globally, further solidifying his status as an influential figure in the Indian film industry.