Russia Runs The Risk Of Splintering Its Forces

Russia Runs The Risk Of Splintering Its Forces

According to the UK Ministry of Defence, as Russia tries to stop a Ukrainian breakthrough in the country’s south, it runs the risk of splintering its forces.

The MoD reported that Ukrainian forces continued to engage in offensive operations on the Orikhiv axis in southern Ukraine, with units making it as far as the first main Russian defensive line.

According to the ministry’s statement on social media platform X, “Russian forces, primarily composed of the 58th combined arms army and Russian airborne forces elements, seek to halt the Ukrainian counteroffensive while maintaining their own offensive on the northern axis around Kupiansk.”

It happens following a successful drone attack by Ukraine on a Russian airbase on Friday.

Damage to the location, which houses Moscow’s GRU special troops, is visible on satellite photographs.

According to estimates, the 20-strong drone attack damaged many £60 million jets, with at least two of them being destroyed.

The workhorse IL-76 aircraft can carry more than 100 soldiers who are well-armed at once.

As Ukraine continues to drive forward with a ground-breaking counter-offensive, it represents a significant blow to Russia’s capacity to fortify its front lines with troops.

Attacks from Kiev on Russian soil are still ongoing. Moscow, Kursk, and Belgorod were the three western locations that its drones targeted over night.

Although planes at Moscow airports were briefly suspended, no serious injuries or damage were recorded, according to Russian officials.

According to speculation, Kiev’s forces are prepared to make a significant push through Russian defences in the south and cut off access to Moscow’s supply routes for the Crimea.

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