Mamelodi Sundowns’ Head Coach Rulani Mokwena Opens Up About Challenges and Attacks Amidst League Dominance

Mamelodi Sundowns’ Head Coach Rulani Mokwena Opens Up About Challenges and Attacks Amidst League Dominance

In a candid revelation, Mamelodi Sundowns’ head coach, Rulani Mokwena, has shed light on the intricate challenges associated with leading the Tshwane giants.

Acknowledging the profound public scrutiny that comes with his high-profile position, Mokwena discusses the complexities of managing the team amidst both triumphs and tribulations.

Renowned Coach and Sundowns’ Success Story

Mokwena, recognized as one of Africa’s leading modern football coaches, has earned acclaim for implementing an attractive possession-based style at Sundowns.

Under his guidance, the 37-year-old coach secured the DStv Premiership title and the inaugural African Football League [AFL] trophy in 2023, a notable achievement since assuming the head coach role in 2022.

Impending Second League Title and Public Perception

As Sundowns currently leads second-placed Cape Town City by a substantial 12 points with 14 games remaining, Mokwena is poised to clinch his second consecutive league title this season.

Despite his undeniable success, Mokwena acknowledges a divided fan base, with some adoring him and others expressing dislike and launching attacks, making him one of the most targeted coaches in the country.

Recent Controversies: Clashes with Bafana Bafana Coach and TS Galaxy Counterpart

Mokwena’s journey has not been without controversy. He recently engaged in a war of words with Bafana Bafana coach Hugo Broos over the condition of Sundowns players returning from national duty with injuries.

Additionally, a heated exchange occurred with TS Galaxy counterpart Sead Ramovic, with accusations of insults and threats being thrown between the two coaches.

Mokwena’s Resilience Amidst Attacks

Undeterred by the ongoing drama and criticism, Mokwena maintains resilience, stating that one must have a “thick skin” to survive in the coaching industry.

In a post-match press conference following Sundowns’ 3-0 victory against AmaZulu FC, Mokwena acknowledged being one of the most attacked coaches and emphasized the need to count blessings even in the face of adversity.

Lessons from Mokwena’s Late Grandmother

Mokwena reflects on valuable lessons from his late grandmother, emphasizing the importance of gratitude and prayer.

Sharing that his late grandmother advised saying a word of prayer before bed, Mokwena highlights the significance of appreciating life’s blessings, both positive and negative, as part of the journey.

Conclusion: Rulani Mokwena’s Unwavering Spirit in the Face of Adversity

As Mamelodi Sundowns edges closer to securing their seventh consecutive Premiership title, Rulani Mokwena’s story becomes more than just about coaching success.

It’s a narrative of resilience, lessons learned, and an unwavering spirit in the face of intense public scrutiny and attacks.