DeSantis Braves Frigid Iowa Temps for Campaign Blitz, Accuses Trump of ‘Phoning It In’ from Mar-a-Lago

DeSantis Challenges Trump Amid Arctic Campaign Conditions in Iowa

Ron DeSantis, undeterred by sub-zero temperatures and icy conditions in Iowa, continued his campaign blitz, accusing rival Donald Trump of remote campaigning from the warmth of Mar-a-Lago.

Despite trailing Trump significantly in pre-caucus polls, DeSantis aimed to make a strong statement by braving the elements.

Unfazed by Weather: DeSantis Mocks Trump’s Remote Campaigning

Addressing a crowd in Council Bluffs, DeSantis emphasized his commitment to the campaign despite the frigid weather. He took a jab at Trump, stating, “We’re in, we’re showing up.

Donald Trump has phoned it in. He’s going to be in Mar-a-Lago. It’s probably 75 degrees there.” DeSantis mocked Trump’s absence from the harsh weather conditions, positioning himself as the candidate willing to engage directly with Iowa voters.

Focus on 2020: DeSantis Criticizes Trump’s Issues and Legal Concerns

DeSantis not only challenged Trump’s physical absence but also criticized him for running on ‘his issues.’ He asserted that his campaign would focus on 2020 and raised concerns about the legal issues surrounding Trump, including criminal convictions and the events of January 6.

DeSantis aimed to distinguish himself as a candidate with a forward-looking perspective.

Optimism Amid Blizzard Fallout: DeSantis and Backers Encourage Supporters

Despite warnings of hazardous conditions after a blizzard hit Iowa, DeSantis and his top backers sought to inspire supporters with metaphors related to the biting weather.

First lady Casey DeSantis rallied the crowd, saying, ‘It’s 40 below, are you ready to go?’ Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds, a DeSantis endorser, urged caution but emphasized that showing up would make DeSantis the winner.

DeSantis Eyes Opportunity: Sees Campaign Potential in Harsh Weather

Acknowledging the extreme weather conditions, DeSantis highlighted the opportunity for his campaign.

He encouraged voters, saying, ‘You have the opportunity to brave those elements. Go and caucus, and you’re never going to have a chance to have your vote count for as much.’

Despite the challenging weather, he urged supporters to participate, emphasizing the impact of their votes.

Trump’s Response: Scrubbed Events and Political Speculation

In response to the weather challenges, Trump announced the cancellation of his Saturday events, acknowledging Iowa’s extreme weather.

DeSantis capitalized on this, taking shots at Trump’s comments about COVID during a Fox News town hall.

He accused Trump of inconsistent messaging, particularly regarding the economy and Dr. Fauci, claiming Trump was attempting to gaslight the public.

DeSantis concluded by asserting his commitment to the campaign, stating, ‘I’m a Florida boy. Born and bred.

And yet here I am in negative temperatures. I am not going to be canceling. If people are willing to come out and hear from me, I’m going to show up.’

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