Rithu Chowdary Leaked Video And Photo Twitter And Reddit Update

Rithu Chowdary: An Introduction

Rithu Chowdary, a well-known Indian actress and anchor, has predominantly worked in the Telugu film industry. Born in Hyderabad, Telangana, on December 25, 1995, she embarked on her career journey after completing her education.

Initially, she started as an anchor on the “Star Maa Music” channel and later participated in Pradeep Machiraju’s Pelli Choopulu show on Star Maa in 2018. Rithu made her Telugu television debut with the serial “Gorintaku” in 2019 and appeared in other serials like “Suryavamsam” and “Inti Guttu.”

She expanded her career by venturing into films, with notable appearances in “Uppena” and “Mouname Ishtam.” Rithu’s versatility extended to comedic productions like “Sridevi Drama Company,” “Jabardasth,” as well as various serials and movies. In 2021, she launched her own YouTube channel, “Rithu Chowdhary,” which quickly garnered a substantial following.

The Rithu Chowdary Leaked Video Controversy

The Rithu Chowdary leaked video has stirred considerable controversy. The video in question emerged shortly after her father’s passing, raising eyebrows and concerns. Rithu, known for her role in Jabardasth, faced criticism from online users for sharing a video just one week after her father’s demise.

In the video, she can be seen enjoying the evening breeze while dressed in a black saree, posing for the camera. The reaction to this video has been mixed, with some individuals expressing disappointment that she chose to post a video on social media rather than mourning her father’s loss.

Differing Perspectives

Opinions on the matter vary, with some online users defending Rithu and suggesting that she may be using these videos as a means of coping with her personal grief.

To add context, Rithu did share a heartfelt video of her father, accompanied by a tearful statement, on Instagram, where she expressed her deep sense of loss.

The Loss of Rithu Chowdary’s Father

The tragedy that sparked this controversy was the passing of Rithu Chowdary’s beloved father. The actress conveyed this heartbreaking news on her social media platforms on January 24.

In an emotional statement, she shared a reel that included moments of her father’s warmth and affection. These images portrayed a loving father-daughter relationship, marked by moments of joy, care, and indulgence.

Condolences and Support

Following the announcement of her father’s passing, numerous fans and colleagues expressed their condolences and offered messages of support.

They shared their grief and heartfelt wishes for her well-being. Rithu’s fellow actress Vishnupriya Bhimaneni expressed her love and admiration for her late uncle and offered spiritual solace.

In Summary

The controversy surrounding the Rithu Chowdary leaked video revolves around the timing of its release, considering the recent loss of her father.

While opinions differ on the appropriateness of her actions, it is evident that Rithu is navigating a challenging period in her life marked by personal loss and public scrutiny.