Rishi Sunak faces ‘double by-election test’  that was triggered after Chris Pincher’s Resignation

Rishi Sunak faces ‘double by-election test’ that was triggered after Chris Pincher’s Resignation

By-Election Triggered in Tamworth after Chris Pincher’s Resignation

Resignation and By-Election Announcement

The resignation of former Tory whip Chris Pincher as a Member of Parliament has triggered a by-election in the Tamworth constituency, located in Staffordshire. This move came after Chris Pincher lost his appeal against a suspension related to allegations of drunkenly groping two men.

By-Election Date Set

Simon Hart, the Government chief whip, has formally requested that the writ to trigger the by-election for Tamworth be scheduled for September 14. According to electoral regulations, the by-election must occur within 21 to 27 working days from the issuance of the writ, suggesting that it will likely take place on October 19. Notably, this is the same day when the Mid Bedfordshire constituency, previously represented by former culture secretary Nadine Dorries, will also have its by-election.

Tamworth’s Electoral History

Chris Pincher had been the Conservative representative for Tamworth since 2010, securing significant majorities in previous general elections. In the last general election, he held the seat with a majority of 19,634 votes. While Tamworth has traditionally been considered a safe seat for the Tories, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak acknowledged that mid-term by-elections tend to present challenges for the ruling party.

Appeal and Resignation

Chris Pincher had attempted to reduce an eight-week suspension recommended by the Commons Standards Committee, stemming from allegations of “egregious case of sexual misconduct” at London’s Carlton Club last year. However, the Independent Expert Panel (IEP) of Parliament dismissed his appeal. In response, Chris Pincher chose to resign as an MP, explaining that he had already decided not to seek re-election and did not want to create further uncertainty for his constituents.

Candidate Challenges and Uncertainties

The Conservative Party faces complications in retaining the Tamworth seat, as the candidate they had selected to contest the next general election in Tamworth, Eddie Hughes, currently serves as the