Proposed Constitutional Change Sparks Heated Debate Amid Surge in Abortion Rates, Highest in 30 Years

Proposed Constitutional Change Sparks Heated Debate Amid Surge in Abortion Rates, Highest in 30 Years

French Archbishop Raises Concerns Amidst Proposed Constitutional Change on Abortion

The archbishop of France voiced apprehensions as the nation grapples with a proposed constitutional amendment that could engrain a “guaranteed freedom” to terminate pregnancies.

Expressing his views, the archbishop noted that France already experiences an abortion rate double that of Germany and emphasized that constitutional amendments won’t alter the inherent tragedy associated with such decisions.

Alarming Surge in Abortion Rates

Official statistics revealed a significant increase in abortion numbers, with 234,000 registered cases in 2022—17,000 more than the previous year.

This surge marks the highest abortion rate in France in the past 30 years, prompting intensified discussions on the proposed constitutional change.

Proposed Constitutional Amendment and Political Landscape

The debated constitutional change seeks to establish a “liberté garantie,” or a “guaranteed freedom,” ensuring unrestricted access to abortion.

Despite the contentious nature of the proposal, none of the major political parties in the French Parliament questions the right to abortion.

The bill garnered 493 votes in favor and 30 against, showcasing widespread support for the amendment.

Historical Context and Legislative Milestones

France decriminalized abortion on January 17, 1975, marking a significant legislative milestone.

The annual Paris March for Life, commemorating this date, witnessed 15,000 French Catholics and pro-life activists gathering in Paris just days before the crucial parliamentary vote.

National Debate and Ongoing Controversy

The proposed constitutional amendment, coming in the wake of the historic surge in abortion rates, has sparked a fierce national debate.

Critics argue that enshrining the “guaranteed freedom” in the constitution may not alter the fundamental nature of abortion as a tragedy, echoing concerns raised by the archbishop.

Protests and Civic Engagement

Pro-life sentiments found expression on the streets of Paris, with 15,000 activists participating in the Paris March for Life on January 21.

This civic engagement preceded the pivotal parliamentary vote by less than two weeks, underscoring the urgency and intensity of the ongoing debate surrounding abortion rights in France.

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