Ribbon Renaissance: Gen Z’s Stylish Twist on Christmas Tree Decor

Ribbon Renaissance: Gen Z’s Stylish Twist on Christmas Tree Decor

Ribbon Renaissance: Gen Z’s Trendy Twist on Christmas Tree Decor

Ornaments have traditionally adorned Christmas trees, but the younger generation is opting for a chic alternative this holiday season — elegant bows.

Fueled by the resurgence of balletcore fashion, girlish ribbons are not just gracing attire but are also becoming a prominent feature in holiday décor.

Content creators are embracing this trend, showcasing their creativity on platforms like TikTok.

The shift from traditional ornaments to stylish bows signifies a cultural trend influenced by fashion movements, particularly balletcore.

The younger generation’s penchant for minimalism and aesthetics is evident in their choice of holiday decorations.

TikTok Trend: The Hunt for Christmas Tree Bows

On TikTok, the hashtag ‘Christmas tree bows’ has garnered over 10.9 billion views, with users proudly displaying their minimalist holiday setups.

Content creator Sarah Miller exemplifies this trend, opting for a very minimalistic Christmas tree adorned with black and ivory bows.

Her video emphasizes the aesthetic appeal of bows, distancing them from traditional ornaments.

The viral nature of the TikTok trend reflects the platform’s influence in shaping holiday decoration choices.

Users find inspiration in each other’s creative approaches to ribbon-based tree décor.

Creative Techniques: From Cutting Ribbons to DIY Hacks

Sarah Miller’s video showcases her meticulous approach, measuring and cutting ribbons before tying them onto the tree branches.

Others, like Kristen Hollingshaus, share DIY hacks, using bobby pins to secure hand-tied bows effortlessly.

Each creator brings a unique touch to the trend, exploring various methods to achieve the desired look.

The diversity in techniques highlights the creativity and resourcefulness within the trend, as users find innovative ways to personalize their Christmas tree bows.

Beyond Ornaments: A Palette of Ribbons

Content creators like Kate O’Donnell and Courtney Crews experiment with different ribbon colors and styles, offering insights into their personalized approaches.

O’Donnell embraces a ‘draping effect’ by keeping ribbon tails long, while Crews shares her experience of replacing traditional ornaments with a spectrum of colored ribbons.

The use of ribbons as the primary tree decoration allows for a wide range of individual expressions, from vibrant color choices to unconventional tying methods.

Minimalist and Beyond: Ribbons Take Center Stage

While some embrace a truly minimalist approach, decorating trees solely with ribbons, others incorporate additional elements.

Jorden Pinkerton combines black velvet bows with geometric patterned ornaments, showcasing a balance between tradition and trend.

Aurelie Erikson adds ‘whimsy and elegance’ to her tree with pink velvet bows and tinsel.

The spectrum of approaches highlights the versatility of the ribbon trend, accommodating both those seeking a clean, minimalist aesthetic and those blending ribbons with traditional ornaments for a more eclectic look.


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