Renters Celebrate the End of No-Fault Evictions: Relief and Improved Security Ahead

Renters Celebrate the End of No-Fault Evictions: Relief and Improved Security Ahead

…By Joseph Benjamin for TDPel Media.

A woman who received a section 21 eviction notice on the same day as her parents’ joint funeral, both Covid-19 victims, has expressed her approval for the end of no-fault evictions, believing it will bring positive changes.


The UK government introduced the Renters’ (Reform) Bill to Parliament, fulfilling its promise to abolish section 21 evictions and granting renters the ability to challenge landlords without fear of losing their homes.

Personal Experience of Heartache and Uncertainty

Lisa Harding, a 51-year-old freelance photojournalist, recounted the distressing experience of receiving an eviction notice in March 2021 during the height of the pandemic.

The notice arrived on the day she was unable to attend her parents‘ funeral, leaving her devastated.

She described the moment as “absolutely horrendous” and expressed gratitude that the end of no-fault evictions would alleviate the stress and worry of being arbitrarily evicted from her home.

Challenging Times and Sudden Financial Struggles

Harding shared that she had been furloughed from her hospitality job shortly before receiving the eviction notice.

Despite being a responsible tenant who consistently paid rent and maintained the property, she suddenly faced the prospect of homelessness.


The impact was further intensified by the grief of losing her parents.

Finding a New Home and Mixed Feelings on the Reform Bill

After tirelessly contacting numerous letting agents, Harding eventually secured another property in the same area five months later.

Meanwhile, Owain Kimber, a man who received a section 21 notice in January, also expressed support for the end of no-fault evictions.

However, he cautioned people to be cautious and highlighted the need to address certain loopholes in the Renters’ (Reform) Bill.

Kimber stressed that while the elimination of no-fault evictions is a positive step, landlords may still find other ways to evict tenants.

Seeking Further Protections for Renters

Kimber emphasized the precariousness of living with the constant uncertainty of no-fault evictions.

He paid his rent diligently but lived with the constant fear of being served an eviction notice without justification.

While he appreciates the end of no-fault evictions, he urges lawmakers to address the remaining loopholes that landlords could exploit to exploit renters.


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