Reminisce and Oxlade Join Forces in Emotionally Charged Collaboration: ‘Why’”

Reminisce and Oxlade Join Forces in Emotionally Charged Collaboration: ‘Why’”


In the collaboration between reminisce and oxlade titled “Why,” a poignant and melodious exploration of love and commitment takes center stage.

This heartfelt song delves into the dynamics of relationships, particularly when financial stability hangs in the balance.

Through its loaded questions, the lyrics eloquently mirror the insecurities and uncertainties that often accompany romantic partnerships.

Lyrical Depth:

The heart of “Why” lies within its lyrics, a series of probing questions directed by reminisce toward his partner.

One of the poignant queries he raises is, “If I give you love and I don’t have money, would you still stay?” This question underscores the deep-seated fear of abandonment that can arise alongside financial insecurity.


Throughout the song, the recurring motif of the word “why” resonates, underscoring the bewilderment and doubt felt by the artist.

These lyrics are unfiltered and candid, offering a glimpse into the emotional maelstrom that frequently accompanies matters of the heart.

Melodic Charm:

A significant contribution to the song comes from oxlade, whose velvety and emotive vocals harmoniously complement reminisce’s deeper timbre.

Together, they create a seamless blend that captivates the listener and leaves a lasting impact.

The melody is both catchy and memorable, inviting listeners to sway to its rhythm.


The polished production allows the vocals to take center stage, delivering an enchanting auditory experience.

Critique: A Missed Opportunity for Storytelling:

While “Why” adeptly captures emotional intensity and melodic allure, it falls slightly short in terms of storytelling.

The heartfelt lyrics, while effective, occasionally feel repetitive and lack a coherent narrative or resolution.

Although the song poses thought-provoking questions, it refrains from offering definitive answers or delving deeply into the complexities it raises.

Consequently, listeners are left desiring greater depth and a more thorough exploration of the relationship central to the song’s theme.


Cultural Resonance:

The song skillfully taps into a universal theme—the apprehension that love might hinge on certain conditions.

In a society where financial stability often intersects with romantic triumph, “Why” strikes a chord with those who have encountered similar uncertainties and apprehensions within their relationships.

The song becomes a reflection of broader societal concerns, thereby rendering it relatable to a wide-ranging audience.

Final Thoughts:

“Why,” a collaborative effort between Reminisce and Oxlade, emerges as a poignant and melodically enchanting piece that delves into the intricate emotional landscape of love and commitment in the face of financial ambiguity.

While the song effectively resonates on an emotional and auditory level, it could greatly benefit from a more intricately woven narrative that grants listeners a more profound glimpse into the relationship it dissects.


Regardless, “Why” stands tall as a beautiful amalgamation of two talented Nigerian artists, each contributing their distinct strengths to craft a song that many will undoubtedly find both relatable and profoundly moving.

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