Religious Sensitivity at Stake: Davido’s Video Stirs Controversy

Religious Sensitivity at Stake: Davido’s Video Stirs Controversy

…By Dorcas Funmi for TDPel Media. A former aide to ex-President Muhammadu Buhari, Bashir Ahmad, has expressed strong disapproval of a music video shared by Nigerian superstar, Davido Adeleke, on his Twitter page.


The video, featuring people dressed in white clothes engaging in prayer before dancing, has been deemed offensive and disrespectful to Islam by Ahmad and many other Muslims.

Disrespectful Content Sparks Outrage:

Davido posted a music video on his Twitter page that immediately caught the attention of the public, including former presidential aide Bashir Ahmad.

The video depicted individuals dressed in white garments, seemingly engaged in a prayer-like ritual before transitioning into a dance performance.


This portrayal of prayer mixed with entertainment content has deeply offended many Muslims, who consider Salah (prayer) to be a sacred act not to be taken lightly.

Religious Sensitivities and the Importance of Salah:

Bashir Ahmad, in his criticism of Davido’s music video, highlighted the significance of Salah in Islam.

Salah is one of the five pillars of Islam and holds immense spiritual importance for Muslims.

During Salah, believers express their love, respect, and gratitude towards Allah, considering it a direct connection with the Almighty.

Mixing such a solemn and sacred practice with entertainment has been perceived as disrespectful and hurtful by many within the Muslim community.


Urging Respect and Understanding:

Ahmad stressed that Muslims do not take their religion lightly and do not find humor or entertainment in the context of Salah.

He called for respect and understanding from individuals like Davido, who possess a significant platform and influence over a large audience.

The former presidential aide implored the artist and others to refrain from portraying religious practices in a manner that could be offensive or disrespectful to people’s deeply held beliefs.


Davido’s music video has sparked controversy and criticism from within the Muslim community, with many expressing their disapproval of the portrayal of a sacred practice as entertainment content.

Bashir Ahmad, in particular, emphasized the importance of respecting religious sensitivities and urged individuals to be mindful of the potential impact of their actions on diverse communities.


This incident serves as a reminder of the need for artists and public figures to be responsible in their use of social platforms and to exercise cultural sensitivity when addressing matters of faith and spirituality.

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