Regina Daniels Opens Up: Her Passion for Money and Dedication to Work

Regina Daniels, a renowned Nollywood actress and the wife of Senator Ned Nwoko, has made a candid confession about her passion for her career and her unwavering motivation, which is driven by her love for money.

Despite her status as the wife of a billionaire businessman, Regina continues to maintain a hectic schedule and engage in multiple endeavors, a fact that surprises many. In this article, we explore her revelation and the reactions it has garnered.

Regina Daniels’ Candid Confession

In a video shared on her Instagram page while on a movie set, Regina Daniels openly admitted that she works diligently as if her bank account is in dire straits.

She did not shy away from acknowledging her strong affinity for money as the driving force behind her dedication to working hard.

Passion for Money and Dedication to Work

Regina shared her perspective on what brings her joy and fulfillment, particularly when she is collaborating with an exceptional and committed crew during her movie productions.

She expressed her profound connection to the world of work, especially when it involves such an inspiring team.

Reactions from Social Media

The video and Regina Daniels’ candid statement have evoked various reactions from social media users. Some have expressed their views on her love for money, while others have offered commentary on her marriage to Ned Nwoko.

Online Comments and Perspectives

A selection of comments from social media provides insight into the diverse reactions that Regina Daniels’ confession has stirred.

Users have shared their opinions, questions, and even some humor in response to her statements.


Regina Daniels’ open confession about her passion for money and her unceasing commitment to work sheds light on the multifaceted nature of her career and life.

This candid revelation, coupled with the reactions it has generated on social media, exemplifies how public figures can spark discussions about their motivations and choices, even in the context of wealth and success.

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